Photo reportage from the exhibition by Vsevolod Kovalevskij at Kurant gallery, Tromsø

PO4A5113This, was a video of possibilities.
This, is a map of The image, and imagination.
Through which, we journey.
A dance of ever changing pixels,
Pixels, moving down, left, up & right, on the axis of verticality and horizontality…
While your imagination is moving in opposite direction.
This is a video of possibilities.
A vista of pastel colours
A romantic landscape of gradient
A magic language of visuality
& the dictionary of abstract
A paradox of our evolution
Or just a synergy of possibilities
A flux of constantly updated lines
An Olympics of bits
Where you already the winner,
In the content of the imagination
Look into me, I am your Scheherazade
Your story reader
Your fortune teller

It takes 11 minutes, 50 seconds and 18 frames
For THIS visual journey to pass  by

An average period of time, for casual viewer to view the exhibition space
A hyper-viewer of hyperspace in a hyper space-time
Try to say that 10 times quickly and you will get a hyper sentence or just plain confusion
produced by illogic of ones mind but throughout logic of imagination
and then imagination connects to other imaginations
producing a hyper linked image of reality that one can travel through
A hyper linked journey of hyper realities of mind for hyper communities
Communities that do not have anything in common except for hyper goal
An animalistic goal translated to machine like algorithm to succeed
Seek and destroy became like, share and subscribe
An After Affect of too many subscriptions
Subscriptions that modify movement  of a bits
and intake of, surroundings.
A self induced pleasure mechanism that massages you imagination
like a parasitic organism from science fiction
that creates friction in the understanding.

This visuality, is
A primordial, goo.
Or millennial substance
A mix
A mix of differences and agreements.
A mix of signs transformed into language.
An echo of perceptions and economies of global.
A purgatory of banal.
A gateway of information.
And a stop sign of the ,observation
An observation of abstract ideals
An ideals that makes no sense
Or make those senses sound like fictions.
It, does sound like we are in the loop
But can the loop be broken
Is this loop in the shape of ellipse
Or in a form of horizontal 8
Or both
But now we have to stop
There is a moral behind this ,story,
I made a joke
Ha! Ha! Ha!
This is a video of possibilities
A guide, to the understanding of everything, or realisation of nothing
Or maybe both
What is the understanding and the realisation,
Can there be, realisation without the understanding
After all there are bodies without organs
And ecologies without natures
But will one become happy if one realises that.

Text by Vsevolod Kovalevskij 2016-17

PO4A5013 PO4A5022 PO4A5027 PO4A5043 PO4A5052 PO4A5065 PO4A5068 PO4A5129 PO4A5155

By coincidence or fate, Adam Curtis’ documentary “HyperNormalisation” (2016) pointed out the specifics of artist’s interest towards hyper-realistic pictorialism and hyper-productivity problematics of the world that came with utopian thinking of bankers/politicians, and later utopian internet and post internet thinking in the global ecologies of economics and societies driven by illusions and false ideals. We live in many worlds, in overlapped realities, or dimensions if you please. “After Affect” is here to remind us of how one should not take everything for granted.

Vsevolod Kovalevskijs (born 1988, Vilnius, Lithuania) practice is based on critical thought and humor, his works are driven by research and in that he creates tools/experiences to better question conditions of one’s surroundings. This results in process-based installations that establish a relationship between the active spectator, the artist and members of the broader community.

Photography: Vsevolod Kovalevskij

Echo Gone Wrong
April 26, 2017
Published in Photo / Video from Lithuania
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