Photo reportage from the solo show 'Quantum Hair Implants' by Amanda Ziemele at Kim?

March 14, 2019
Author Echo Gone Wrong

In her works, Amanda Ziemele represents ideas which are the result of in-depth analysis. Understanding and processing/incorporating the various reference materials and sources discovered into her works is another typical sign of hers; it becomes evident by integration of pictorial and other objects into the painting plane. Amanda Ziemele on the coming exhibition: “Space swallows you upon entering. Mouth shut, when searching for words, tongue in the wrong place.” For Ziemele, the process of creation and working on exhibitions is like an open structure, nearly unlimited in its vast opportunities. Analysis of and preparation for the exhibition at Kim? is related to several thematic focusses, such as “work in process and uncertainty”. Another focus addresses dimensions like inside, outside and interspace. Further, the third focus is related to colour pigments and “cosmic dust” – they are some sort of remains of a galactic big bang, ready to take over the exhibition and its space.

Amanda Ziemele (1990) resides and works in Riga. The process of creation is seen as an open field. Amanda is interested in formal features of painting and the closely-related territory of ideas and context. In 2018, she graduated from the Diploma studies in the Interdisciplinary and experimental painting study programme at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts. Her Diploma project was awarded the Freundeskreis der HfBK Diplompreis prize and was nominated for European art graduates Startpoint18 Prize. In 2015, she gained BA in Arts from the Painting Department, Art Academy of Latvia.

The show at Kim? Contemporary Art Centre is on from 21 February till April 7

Kim? Contemporary Art Centre
Sporta 2 k-1, LV-1013, Riga

Photography: Ansis Starks

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