Photo reportage from Kristin Reiman's solo show at Tartu Art House

October 4, 2018
Author Echo Gone Wrong

the scale of biggest reconsider
trajectory’s looping trail
the consequenceless intermitter
a plane that fails to eat its tail

What is the last point of changing one’s mind without suffering from any major consequences? How far can taking big decisions go without really taking them? Circling endlessly over an issue, constantly deciding and re-deciding on taking action or taking a stand; there is no harm done until the outcomes are vague. Buffering in the perpetual wait for something to happen, yet nothing unpredictable comes out of looping actions. As long as there is no urgency to arrive, there is also no need to figure out a destination. Postponing is seemingly the safest mindset to be in, as although nothing succeeds, nothing also fails.

Kristin Reiman (b 1992) is an artist working with the notion of discomfort, human malfunctions and the skewed perception of reality, mainly in the mediums of installation, sculpture and projection. She has graduated with a BA in Fine Arts from the Estonian Academy of Arts, studied at the Royal Academy of Arts Antwerp and is currently enrolled in the film class of Städelschule, Frankfurt am Main, researching on shifts of reality in both physical and projected space.

The exhibition took place in Tartu Art House 31.08–23.09.2018.
Photography: Helle Ly Tomberg

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