Photo reportage from VAA Photography and Media Art Department's student exhibition "(Spec)tangle"

March 3, 2014
Author Echo Gone Wrong


From 6th to 22nd February Vilnius Academy of Arts’ Photography and Media Art Department’s student exhibition (Spec)tangle” was held at the exhibition hall of VAA Design Innovations Centre “Titanikas”.

(Spec)tangle is about the tangling of a spectacle, inspecting a tangle, the labyrinth created by viewer and its map that the curator loses; it speaks about the mistery of homemade meal as a form of chaos and its recipe as a form of inner logic. (Spec)tangle speaks about the problem with nouns (do these words – artwork, criticism, appropriation – still mean anything to you?) and the right of things to exist amongst other things (even if it is art). (Spec)tangle is a word containing in itself a verb, a noun, an action, a character and a whole process that happens in exhibitions.

22 young artists and their different strategies are presented in the exhibition. The realisation of their unifying idea and mission (which certainly exists) is left for the viewer to untangle like a ball of thread. The exhibition moves backwards: from the meal towards the recipe, from the answer to the riddle. From the chaotic (spec)tangle to its internal order.

Artists: Agnė Matulevičiūtė, Austėja Tavoraitė, Brigita Kudarauskaitė, Eglė Abromaitė, Evelina Kerpaitė, Gedvilė Tamošiūnaitė, Gintautas Jankus, Greta Vileikytė, Isaiah Urken, Julija Steponaitytė, Justina Adomavičiūtė, Lauryna Narkevičiūtė, Lina Fisheye, Lotas Idzelis, Lukas Keizikas, Mindaugas Česlikauskas, Neringa Puzanauskaitė, Tomas Sinkevičius, Pijus Balkaitis, Vaiva Zemkauskaitė, Vladislav Novicki, Vytautas Juozėnas.

Text by Monika Kalinauskaitė

Curated by Lukas Keizikas


VDA-Rezginys-3 VDA-Rezginys-4 VDA-Rezginys-5 VDA-Rezginys-6 VDA-Rezginys-7 VDA-Rezginys-8 VDA-Rezginys-9 VDA-Rezginys-10 VDA-Rezginys-11 VDA-Rezginys-12 VDA-Rezginys-13 VDA-Rezginys-14 VDA-Rezginys-15 VDA-Rezginys-16 VDA-Rezginys-17 VDA-Rezginys-18 VDA-Rezginys-19 VDA-Rezginys-20 VDA-Rezginys-21 VDA-Rezginys-22

Photographs by Marta Ivanova