Photo reportage from LET-ME-IN exhibition marking the takeover of "Malonioji 6" by LAIA

January 23, 2014
Author Echo Gone Wrong

January 2014 marks the takeover of project space “Malonioji 6” by the Lithuanian Associacion for Interdisciplinary Artists (LAIA). This process is marked by an exhibition titled LET-ME-IN, opening on 18 January, 6 p. m. During the exhibition the boundaries of interdisciplinary art will be defined in a new space which is a territory in itself. The artists exhibited are all new members of the association, so the action of showing their work, as well as opening of the exhibition, becomes a performative gesture, turning an official procedure into an active dialoque and independent act, which supplements the physical shape of the exhibition and gives it a certain integrity. The idea of exhibition is in itself simple, but deeply grounded in the complex actions of the Association, raising questions of its organic evolution and dynamics.

Artists in the exhibition: Saulius Leonavičius, Julius Balčikonis, Vitalij Červiakov, Vsevolod Kovalevskij, Dalia Mikonytė, Laima Kreivytė, Cooltūristės, Danutė Gambickaitė, Milda Laužikaitė, Justė Margarita

Moderated by Vsevolod Kovalevskij

The project space  “Malonioji 6” remains open to various artistic strategies and local as well as international artists. Even though the program for 2014 is almost complete, we encourage you to submit your own proposals for exhibitions and events via email and they will be considered. The preliminary program will be announced in the upcoming days at The LAIA exhibition LET-ME-IN can be viewed on Wednesdays and Saturdays during 18 – 29 January or after separately arranging via phone +370 631 90 615, adress Malonioji st. 6, Vilnius.

Coolturistes Laiptais aukštyn, arba Santuokos Internacionalas. 2013 Dalia Mikonytė ir Milda Laužikaitė Julius Balčikonis un giro per la citta_ 2012  ir Coolt ūristės Laiptais aukštyn, arba Santuokos Internacionalas. 2013 Julius Balčikonis un giro per la citta_ 2012 Juste MargaritaBanginis2012 Laima Kreivytė bandymas susigrąžinti aurą postmechaninės reprodukcijos epochoje 2014 Milda Laužikaitė Keliaujantis Sodai2014letmein-8

Milda Laužikaitė Keliaujantis SodaiTekstas2014 Saulius Leonavičius APie įproti naudoti pjedestalą 2012 Vitalij Červiakov žvėrelių takais 2014 Vsevolod Kovalevskij LACK 2014 ir Dalia Mikonytė Poskultūriniai geismai 2014

Malonioji 6

Photographs by Marta Ivanova