Photo reportage from "Die Individualisten: Rolandas Rimkūnas, Benigna Kasparavičiūtė, Kęstutis Šapoka” exhibition

October 13, 2014
Author Echo Gone Wrong


On 1-8 October project space “Malonioji 6″ (Malonioji srt. 6, Vilnius) featured “Die Individualisten: Rolandas Rimkūnas, Benigna Kasparavičiūtė, Kęstutis Šapoka” exhibition.

Conceptual statements: 1. With the dusk of the Middle Ages and the dawn of the modern era, individualism gradually began as a way of adapting to the new socio-economico-political conditions in Europe. And, henceforth, it evolved into socio-economico-political doctrines, expressive of one’s independence, self-reliance, self-determination, and, hence, individuality. In general, individualism gives primacy to the individual over what opposes her or his individuality, be it a social institution or the state. ((

2. Individualists are more interested in things and ideas than in people and relationships.

3.  Individualists need the freedom to go and see wherever they want whenever they want.

4. Individualists like to be able to make their own decisions, even if it means having to argue a point with others until they win, or go against the boss or team’s decision. ((

5. Individualisten haben es schwer

sie haben niemanden

hinter dem sie sich verstecken können (Anke Maggauer-Kirsche)((


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Photographs by Evelina Kerpaitė