Photo reportage from the exhibition 'if a door is closed, a window opens' at the Achterhaus Ateliers resident’s apartment, Hamburg

— Snapshots, randomly inspired, radically subjective

— Follow the river as days go by, head for the ocean that mirrors the sky 

— Surprise effects conducted by chance. Forms that cannot be calculated, abstract black structures from which the visages and letters crawl unexpectedly, more than concrete, sometimes only dreamed. To linger there and to transform further

— Greetings,

I have a project proposal of $5.3 million dollars; I need urgent and trusted unique for this Mission.

I await your urgent feedback thanks

—A repertoire of sparks and attractions

— New geographical room designs and social aspects from a chapter of collective political and historical identity

– Wild is fine




but all the solos in


— There are hens here that lay ‘’time eggs,’’ hatching days of the owners life (if it looks to be a bad one, the owner can eat it instead of live it)

Weve always wanted to leave a mark. To scar impermanence deep enough that itll remember who flashed the blade. We seek the eternal; whether its through a name etched at the bottom of a cup or the transfer of material from organic to something slightly more weather resistant

— Feelings are facts

— Every three months the Achterhaus apartment is called homeby yet another temporary resident who brings new ghosts, stories, dreams and voyeuristic tendencies of some degree. For one week, this space is becoming a binding agent for artists who have just met or havent seen each other for a very long time. Meetingis a loose concept which might refer to basic chit chat, or perhaps its an attempt at collaboration by making a group show in ones bedroom, studio, kitchen or bathroom

— My heart goes BOOM BOOM BOOM

Artists: Robert Bergmann, Si-Ying Fung, Conrad Hübbe, Algirdas Jakas, Nina Kuttler, Margit Lõhmus, Axel Loytved, Franziska Nast, Daniel Rossi, Anastasia Sosunova, Jakob Spengemann, Harry Thring

Exhibition hosted by Anastasia Sosunova, Achterhaus Ateliers artist in residence.

Title of the show: if a door is closed, a window opens

Venue: Achterhaus Ateliers resident’s apartment, Ruhrstrasse 88, Hamburg, Germany

Dates: 11.12.2019 — 17.12.2019

Photographer: Birgit Dunkel