Photo reportage from 'Egg Punk Karaoke' by Bora Akinciturk at 427 gallery

November 26, 2018
Author Echo Gone Wrong

01 Egg_Punk_karaoke_Bora_AkinciturkBora Akinciturk (b. 1982, Turkey). Lives and works in London. Selected exhibitions include Keep Smiling isThe Art of Living, Alyssa Davis Gallery, New York, USA, 2017, We’re All Dead, We Just Don’t Know It Yet,Ultrastudio, Pescara, Italy, 2017; Fallen Angels, in collaboration with Noemi Merca, Komplot, Brussels,Belgium, 2017; Say Yes, The Beautiful Erah, Salzburg, Austria, 2016; Politely Declined, Pilevneli Project,Istanbul, Turkey, 2012. His band Fino Blendax, in collaboration with Ahmet Öğüt at: The ICA, London;Chisenhale Gallery, London; VanAbbe Museum, Eindhoven; The 56th Venice Biennale, Creative TimeSummit: The Night Art Made the Future Visible 2015.

The show is accompanied by a mix CD-R with contributions by: Bunu Sen Istedin, Communicvoid (Iain Ball & Clifford Sage), Deniz Blendax, Robogeisha, Yonic South, Kareem Lotfy, Viktor Timofeev, Harry Bix, Age Reform, Yanik Soland, Lavina Yelb

Special thanks to Oskars Sālzirnis, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Labais Dāma, Jēkabs Januševskis, Natalya Serkova

Artist: Bora Akinciturk
Exhibition title: Egg Punk Karaoke
Venue: 427, Riga
Date November 15th – December 21st, 2018

Photography: Līga Spunde
02 Egg_Punk_karaoke_Bora_Akinciturk 03 Egg_Punk_karaoke_Bora_Akinciturk 04 Egg_Punk_karaoke_Bora_Akinciturk 05 Egg_Punk_karaoke_Bora_Akinciturk 06 Egg_Punk_karaoke_Bora_Akinciturk 07 Egg_Punk_karaoke_Bora_Akinciturk 09 Egg_Punk_karaoke_Bora_Akinciturk 10 Egg_Punk_karaoke_Bora_Akinciturk 11 Egg_Punk_karaoke_Bora_Akinciturk 12 Egg_Punk_karaoke_Bora_Akinciturk 13 Egg_Punk_karaoke_Bora_Akinciturk 14 Egg_Punk_karaoke_Bora_Akinciturk 15 Egg_Punk_karaoke_Bora_Akinciturk 16 Egg_Punk_karaoke_Bora_Akinciturk 17 Egg_Punk_karaoke_Bora_Akinciturk 18 Egg_Punk_karaoke_Bora_Akinciturk 19 Egg_Punk_karaoke_Bora_Akinciturk 20 Egg_Punk_karaoke_Bora_Akinciturk 22 Egg_Punk_karaoke_Bora_Akinciturk 23 Egg_Punk_karaoke_Bora_Akinciturk