Photo reportage from ‘Alonso! It’s Elastic’ by Martin Kohout at 427

Martin_Kohout_427_01You’ve crossed all the red lights in the city and you still haven’t had enough?
In that case, you’re welcome.


Berlin-based, Czech-born artist Martin Kohout’s early study background is in cinematography. He has been active in the international art scene since 2010. His work has a strong grounding in research, both academic and qualitative. His works span a wide range of medium such as film, sculpture, installation, print, events, and publications. In addition to that he produces music under the name of TOLE and runs a small publishing house TLTRPreß. Last year, Martin won the Jindřich Chalupecký Award for young Czech artists.

The exhibition is a part of Riga Photography Biennial 2018 programme

Support: VKKF, Čē bārs
Thanks to Contrado, Nela Klajbanová, Anežka Medová, Oskars Plataiskalns, Reinis Pope, Arita Varžinska, Lewis Teague Wright and all of 427 patrons who donated this year

Alonso! It’s Elastic
Martin Kohout
10.04. – 10.05.2018.

Stabu iela 70, Rīga
+371 29 56 76 06

Photography: Līga Spunde

Martin_Kohout_427_02 Martin_Kohout_427_03 Martin_Kohout_427_04 Martin_Kohout_427_05 Martin_Kohout_427_06 Martin_Kohout_427_07 Martin_Kohout_427_08 Martin_Kohout_427_09 Martin_Kohout_427_10 Martin_Kohout_427_11 Martin_Kohout_427_12 Martin_Kohout_427_13 Martin_Kohout_427_14 Martin_Kohout_427_15 Martin_Kohout_427_16

Echo Gone Wrong
April 25, 2018
Published in Photo / Video from Latvia
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