Performance ‘Parallels’ by Adrian Carlo Bibiano and Romanas Togobickij at VMU art gallery ‘101’

6 pm
Duration: 2018 03 22
Design by Beak&Tail

Design by Beak&Tail

==========performance art===============
======Adrian Carlo Bibiano and Romanas Togobickij=========

par•al•lel (ˈpær əˌlɛl, -ləl)

1. 1. a person or thing that is similar or analogous to another.
“a challenge which has no parallel in peacetime this century”

“it is difficult to find an exact parallel”

similarity, likeness, resemblance, analogy, correspondence, equivalence, correlation;
comparison, relation, symmetry, parity, parallelism, similitude, coequality

2. 2. each of the imaginary parallel circles of constant latitude on the earth’s surface.
3. 3. two parallel lines (‖) as a reference mark.

3rd person present

1. 1. be side by side with (something extending in a line), always keeping the same distance; run or lie parallel to.

“a big concrete gutter that paralleled the road”

2. 2. be similar or corresponding to.

“the increase in the quality of wines has paralleled the rise of interest in food”

repeat, recreate, follow, match, be in harmony with, chime (in) with;
coincide with, keep pace with

“his experiences parallel mine in many ways”

equal, match, rival, emulate, touch



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Echo Gone Wrong
March 22, 2018
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