Performance ‘Aging Tour’ by Young Boy Dancing Group at Autarkia, Vilnius

7 pm
Duration: 2018 07 03


Young Boy Dancing Group “Aging Tour”

No future, no hope, nothing to loose. Young Boys Dance Group presents the enigmatic elegy of post-human dance in the candelight.

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The cataclysm of dance industry, apotheosis and catastrophe of digital culture, hypertonic institutional nightmare turning in to lethal pleasure. Fashion, body, sculpture and improvisations in the apocalyptic setting. Inhuman acrobatics and executed subconscious and spilled candles.

“Young boy dancing group” was initiated in 2014 as a mercurial dance collective with an ongoing alternating cast. The group deals critically with modes of dance production, digital culture, originality and institutionalisation.The work ranges from videos, fashion, sculptures and live performances which are often structured improvisations influenced by post apocalyptic scenery, acrobatics, posthumanism and performing unconsciousness.

supported by: Swiss Art Council Pro Helvetia

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Echo Gone Wrong
July 2, 2018
Published in Events in Lithuania
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