Open Call for Residency o-yo 2018: The Centre of Ecocentrists

Laboratory Aikas Žado, Complex of Si-bioarchitecture

© Laboratory Aikas Žado, Complex of Si-bioarchitecture

OPEN CALL:  2018.05.01-2018.05.15


“I am not against progress. I am saying that it is wonderfully catastrophic” (Paul Virilio)

So far, in this world with the dominant anthropocentric nature conquest ideology, ecocentrism (not to be confused with egocentrism or eurocentrism) is a term used to highlight the political-ecological philosophy of a nature-oriented system of values that is opposed to anthropocentric – oriented towards a man. Ecocentrism is concerned not so much with the individual form of life as with its interaction; ecocentrism refuses to appreciate the living organisms and their environment through the prism of benefit or importance for the homo sapiens. However, we, Residency o-yo, do not understand eco-centeredness as an anti-humanist principle, constructed in accordance with the humanistic versus anti-humanist dichotomy scheme. We do not want to inspire the creation of a new, united and holistic structure, on the contrary, we call for heterogeneity and diversity, following a rhizomatic and anti-hierarchical idea of multi-species! It is very important to look for link connecting the environmental ecology (fright of climate pollution, tropical deforestation, nuclear energy, etc.) with social and mental ecology. According to philosopher and political activist F. Guattari: “Ecology must stop being associated with the image of a small nature-loving minority or with qualified specialists. Ecology in my sense questions the whole of subjectivity and capitalistic power formations […]”.  Therefore, it is important to note that Residency o-yo hosts its residents at the Aikas Žado Laboratory, in Žeimiai Manor House, which is organized as a city of post-residents (ecocentrists), where only observing virtuosos can achieve the full experience and build knowledge. However, it is no longer a living museum where objects of permanent heritage value are decoratively or formally embroiled in historical reconstruction to serve added value; it is simply a space in which the treatment of life itself is once and over again reorganized and the scenario of Earth-globe heritage protection is being created.

In 2018/2019, Residency o-yo, as a Centre of Ecocentrists, seeks to inspire its residents – artists, philosophers, social and political activists – to create various ecological scenarios – for transformation and expansion of the relations between people, people and nature, surrounding environment. Frequently artistic residencies are not based on long-term co-operation between artists and their environment, often residents have every chance to distance themselves from the local context. On the contrary, the Residency o-yo will strive to create a space in which a complete metabolic connection is possible – complex and multifaceted.

Therefore, if you are determined to create hybrid contemporary art pieces, if you are  interested in the interaction between human, science, technology and environment and its assessment from a philosophical, ethical and social perspective, fill in the questionnaire for the selection of the residents ( and together, while discussing the relation between contemporary artistic practice and ecology, we will search for and/or create new relationships with our vibrant surroundings!

Residency o-yo curator,
Eglė Ambrasaitė
Residency o-yo, Aikas Žado Laboratory, Žeimiai, Lithuania

Echo Gone Wrong
May 1, 2018
Published in Calls from Lithuania
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