Amanda Ziemele’s “The Crocodile Dilemma” at 427 gallery

2016 03 10 - 2016 04 08
What is crocodile thinking about? Is consciousness as a part of nature rather similar to photosynthesis, digestion of dancing? “A crocodile has stolen a child. He then tells the child’s mother, “I will return the child if you guess correctly

“The River Runs Through Here… Chapters from the Art History of Tartu” at Tartu Art Museum

2016 03 05 - 2016 10 30
On Saturday 5 March at 11.00 the exhibition “The River Runs Through Here… Chapters from the Art History of Tartu” will open in Tartmus. This exhibition is one possible art history based on the collections of Tartmus. It offers an

The Kumu Art Museum invites you to an exhibition about destroyed and lost art

2016 03 04 - 2016 06 26
On 4 March, the Kumu opens the conceptual exhibition “Force majeure. The Destroyed and the Disappeared in Estonian Art”, where the audience is shown the fate of hundreds of lost artworks. In addition to the visible side of Estonian art,

Art Programme at Tallinn Music Week

2016 03 29 - 2016 04 03
This years’ Tallinn Music Week (TMW) Arts Programme is coordinated by ECADC, and centres around Tallinn Tuesdays, a series of joint opening events among a group of Tallinn galleries. On Tuesday, 29 March, all galleries will be open for extended hours

“Some Unhappaned Exhibitions” by Ēriks Božis at the LCCA’s Office Gallery

2016 03 04 - 2016 04 06
“Some Unhappened Exhibitions” by Ēriks Božis will open to public from 4 March until 6 April at the Office gallery of the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art. It is comprised of several spatial models representing the Office gallery on a

Jaan Toomik’s exhibition “First Slumber” at Tallinn Art Hall Gallery

2016 03 04 - 2016 04 03
After the solo exhibition at the Temnikova and Kasela Gallery that ended in January, in which he snickered about the beauty of aging, Jaan Toomik now steps into the madness of the outside world, which he drags onto a home

“The Synonym of Reminiscence” at Pamėnkalnio gallery, Vilnius

2016 03 04 - 2016 03 26 / 6 pm
The synonym of reminiscense is what we remember but in other words. It seems to be the object of philology and it should point out the same or close meaning of words but ringing differently. The link between reminiscence and

Digital art exhibition “Remote Signals” at ARS building, Tallinn

2016 03 14 - 2016 03 20
In the frame of Iberofest cultural festival organized by the Spanish Embassy in Estonia Tallinn based artist duo Varvara & Mar are bringing to Tallinn Spanish independent art critic, curator and researcher Pau Waelder, PhD and by him curated group

The Baltic Pavilion at the 15th International Architecture Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia 2016

The Baltic Pavilion will represent Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania at the 15th International Architecture Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia 2016 with a project that won three separate national competitions with the proposal to represent three states in one joint exhibition.

Art-project/magazine New Number! presentation on 05th of March at Tallinn Creative Hub

2016 03 05 / 6 pm
On March 5, at 6:00 p.m. a new art-project/magazine New Number! will be presented at Tallinn Creative Hub. Magazine focuses playfully on the communication of contemporary art and culture. Art-project/magazine New Number! is a symbolic successor to the magazine New