“Memory and movement” at Rundum artist-run space, Tallinn

2016 03 24 - 2016 04 03 / 6 pm
On Thursday, 24. March at 18:00 Urbiquity (Stefano Carnelli (UK), Pablo Conejo (ES), Mattias Malk (EE)) will open “Memory and movement” in the Rehearsal Space series at Rundum artist-run space (Pärnu mnt. 154). The artist talk will follow at 18:30.

Eva Mustonen’s “Murmurs in Strange Woods” at Tartu art Museum

2016 03 26 - 2016 04 09
On Saturday, 26 March Tartmus will open the personal exhibition of this year’s Museum Selection, Eva Mustonen “Murmurs in Strange Woods”. On Thursday, 31 March the post-opening will take place, along with an artist talk. For the fourth time, Tartmus

Photography exhibition “TULIPS” by Andrew Miksys at Kaunas Photography Gallery

2016 03 31 - 2016 04 24 / 5.30 pm
‘Andrew Miksys, a seasoned traveler, ventures into this outcrop of Soviet iconography with the eye of a trickster, searching for signs of intimacy and memory in a land of grand delusions. In Belarus, Soviet-style celebrations and repressions are not things

VAA Nida Art Colony will turn a century-old water reservoir into a temporary gallery

2016 04 29 - 2016 05 15
VAA Nida Art Colony’s project Climbing Invisible Structures has approached the exhibition stage. The last participating artists returned home from residencies in Lithuania, Norway and Iceland in the end of the last year. This year Nida Art Colony will organize

“Photorealism. 50 Years of Hyperrealistic Painting” at KUMU

2016 03 18 - 2016 06 12
The exhibition provides a survey of hyperrealistic painting from the late 1960s to the present day and includes works by the classics of hyperrealism: Richard Estes, Robert Cottingham, Chuck Close, Don Eddy and others. Hyperrealism was born in the late

ART ja HELENA’s “O’, why do we play this game?” at Hobusepea gallery, Tallinn

2016 03 16 - 2016 04 04
A: „It’s a complicated subject. We are the fastest and most versatile by ourselves, but then we lack direct competition. Together it’s interesting to compete with the other. It has the most movement, emotion, sweat and tears.“ H: „Well, we

“Beauty and the Beast” by Tiit Pääsuke and Kris Lemsalu at Tallinn Art Hall

2016 03 19 - 2016 05 01
A joint exhibition by Tiit Pääsuke and Kris Lemsalu, the stars of two different art generations, at the Tallinn Art Hall. A large-scale, as well as playful and colourful, dialogue between two top artists from different generations will open at the Tallinn

In memoriam Anu Liivak 14 October 1953 – 10 March 2016

The Estonian art world has suffered a painful loss. Anu Liivak, a distinguished art historian and the director of the Kumu Art Museum, has died. Anu Liivak studied art history at the Repin Art Institute in St. Petersburg from 1972

Photography exhibition “Railway(less) stations” by Kaido Haagen at the Museum of Estonian Architecture, Tallinn

2016 03 12 - 2016 06 12
The exhibition is an overview of the best of Estonian railway stations. The course of Estonian railway stations has taken many sharp turns in the last nearly 150 years. A fair number of intact station ensembles can generally be found

Sigrid Viir’s and Jimmy Limit’s exhibition “Import Export” at Temnikova & Kasela gallery

2016 03 11 - 2016 04 30
Sigrid Viir’s and Jimmy Limit’s exhibition “Import Export” talks about import and export in a general commercial sense, alluding to the transportation of art works and artists from one continent to another, customs procedures, and the mass migration of people