ARTSCAPE FRANCE: Pierre Labat and Tomas Martišauskis at gallery VARTAI, Vilnius

Unitl the 30th of September, 2011, an exhibition ARTSCAPE FRANCE, curated by Augustina Matusevičiūtė and representing a young French and a Lithuanian artists Pierre Labat and Tomas Martišauskis is held in the VARTAI gallery, Vilnius (Vilniaus 39). ARTscape – is

Exhibition “VARTAI 20 years: Ugnius Gelguda” at “Vartai” gallery, Vilnius

Early June, VARTAI gallery will open the second exhibition from the cycle dedicated to the gallery’s 20th anniversary. The exhibition will feature the latest works by the Lithuanian artist Ugnius Gelguda. The first exhibition of the cycle VARTAI: 20 years