Marta Trektere performing together with Anni Puolakka in Project Space Festival, Berlin

June 12, 2019
Author Echo Gone Wrong


Anni Puolakka: bb

Screening + bar with special drink: from 6pm
Performance: 9pm
Last drink: 10pm

Location: Ziegrastraße 11, 12057 Berlin, Deutschland

In the framework of Project Space Festival Berlin, EVBG presents an evening with Anni Puolakka. In the setting of a Berlin night club, the Finnish artist will show three of her latest video works that revolve around notions of care and nourishment: whose body feeds whom? Puolakka will additionally perform, with Marta Trektere, “Suckling Animal Sibling”, a piece that “focuses on nipples as interfaces, milk as a political fluid, and mouths that sing and suckle other beings for nutrition, intimacy and sexual arousal.” (Puolakka)

Anni Puolakka (born in Oulu, Finland) is based in Helsinki and Rotterdam and makes performances, videos, installations, drawings and texts in which situation-specific or documentary materials are incorporated into fictional worlds. The works play with the boundaries and potential of human animals as they seek meaningful and vibrant – sometimes drowsy or dirty – involvement with other beings, objects and surroundings. They experiment with theatrical and cinematic traditions as well contemporary methods. The music for “Suckling Animal Sibling” was produced together with Alexander Iezzi.