• LIAA Project space “Malonioji 6”

    Photograph by Artūras Valiauga, 2012

    Malonioji 6 is an informal art project space and artist-run initiative located in a green Vilnius district of Žvėrynas, close to the city centre, but a bit off the main art routes. The space was founded in 2011 by an artist Žilvinas Landzbergas in the ground floor of an old wooden villa. Since March 2012 every months it hosts exhibitions of contemporary art, from time to time also one night events. Most of the projects held are solo shows or or one work shows. Usually the exhibitions are open for public once a week, but there is a possibility of a visit by an individual agreement. The space is run by 2 people, exhibiting artists themselves taking a part of organisation, financing and exposition. Exhibitions held both by invitation and by application. In 2012 „Malonioji 6“ invited 4 artists and artist groups for 1-2 months residency programs. Sometimes events are organised by invited curators. The space is financed by private funds and governmental culture support programs. It belongs to the Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Union since 2014.


    Malonioji str. 6, Vilnius

    Opening hours: 

    Depending on the season and format of events, please follow information on Malonioji 6 fb and www.artnews.lt


    Žilvinas Landzbergas
    E-mail: zilvinaslandzbergas@yahoo.com
    T: +37060410605