'LT-RU-LT | In Lithuania, for most people I am Russian, and in Russia I will always be Lithuanian' by Anastasija Kodzisova at the Artifex gallery

2019 06 18 — 2019 06 29 at Artifex
Author Echo Gone Wrong
Published in Events in Lithuania

Own and at the same time stranger is an emotional condition understood by a large number of people. This art project ‘LT-RU-LT | In Lithuania, for most people I am Russian, and in Russia I will always be Lithuanian’ is focused on the question why people may feel as a strangers in their Homeland. 

Why do we create invisible border between ourselves and other people, why does the definition „we and the others” exist? Three video-interview and paintings at the exhibition are an attempt to answer this question. Conducted interviews are the main research aspect. All interviewed people are connected to researched environment: they are Lithuanian Russians or they are very close to Russian culture in Lithuania. Young Lithuanian Russians expressed their feelings and talked about their relationship with Lithuania, about how they feel here and how they identify their Homeland. How do two nationalities coexist in Lithuanian Russian Drama Theatre? Why there are conflicts between both? How does Russian school affect pupils? Is the communication between Russians and Lithuanians limited? The question of identity is important in all video.

Anastasija Kodzisova (b. 1995) has graduated from the Vilnius Academy of Arts with BA (2017) and MA (2019) degrees in painting. 2017 – Special rating commission reward given in graduating Works contest by ethnic minorities department of Lithuanian Republic for BA art Project „My grandmother was born in Mogiliov, I was born in Vilnius“.

The project is partly supported by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.