'Labour of Love' curated by Monika Janulevičiūtė, Antanas Lučiūnas at CAC Cinema, Vilnius

2019 05 16 — 2019 05 18 at Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius
Author Echo Gone Wrong
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Dear Lover,
I know it is not the best time, but will it ever be? And it’s hard to focus. I know you try hard. Things are intense, complex, overwhelming and unceasing. You are never alone, you are always onto something and we never have a clean slate to work from. You might want to start reminding yourself of that. It’s just attention that you’re used to calling love. It’s ignorant for you to talk about everything from a position of comfort, familiar surroundings and intrinsic bias. And talk over, and see everyone else as being far from you. You must come to terms with the idea that this time it’s not about you and that’s why you must make time to listen. Understand. Comprehend. Everything is slightly, to say the least, harsher than you assume, and what you imagine as a social and cultural given, is for us, a real interconnected violence.

By encountering bodies we read one another retentively, dusting off the lost trust deeply embedded in our cells.

In sympathy,
Monika and Antanas

16 to 18 May
Contemporary Art Centre, Cinema

Labour of Love is a series of events focusing on new forms of documentary cinema, film and video essays. It binds together three evenings of film, discussions, meetings and a music night. It encompasses multiple spectrums of effort, care, affect and compassion. The programme’s unifying aspect is the integrity of agency, be it the directors or composers, to the field and the topic. The represented communities or subcultural phenomena are profiled and challenged by most instutionalised forms of support or togetherness. They stretch and accommodate themselves in the cracks of globally wired processes.

Labour of Love is curated by Monika Janulevičiūtė and Antanas Lučiūnas

Organised by:
Contemporary Art Centre

Supported by:
Lietuvos kino centras
Video Data Bank