'It was around eleven o’clock at night' by Tomas Daukša at the Rooster Gallery

2020 09 23 — 2020 10 09
Author Echo Gone Wrong
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The Rooster Gallery kindly invites you to the solo show “It was around eleven o’clock at night” by Tomas Daukša. In the exhibition, he will present the newest sculptural objects from the so-called bigfoot series.

The series, including sculptures of bigfoots and the story of their origin, is a part of the artistic research that has been ongoing for several years. Daukša suggests two versions of the origin of the figurines. The first one states, that the figurines were found by a man, who believes they are made by a bigfoot. The man started exchanging food for the figurines and gathered a big collection of bigfoot statues of various sizes and colours, part of which is displayed in the exhibition. And the second version says, that the artist makes the figurines himself and then claims that he got them from a man, who believes to be getting them from a bigfoot. So the artist introduces himself both as an author of those artefacts, and as a medium between the viewer and the mysterious bigfoot, who made the sculptures.

(Re)creating various situations from bigfoots’ life, the artist reveals more and more details about bigfoots and their everyday activities, their rituals, familial bonds, communal hierarchy, communication, etc. Fragmented clues are combined into this multilayered and complex story, where phantasies become reality (and vice versa) and only a thin line separates myths from facts. Referring to popular TV shows and documentaries about mystic or paranormal phenomena and using various narrative strategies, he fuses scientific data and staged evidence to create hybrid systems of narration. Their effect is tested immediately by drawing the viewers into a compelling storyline that starts… at about eleven o’clock at night.

TOMAS DAUKŠA (b. 1988) is an artist of the young generation, who received a doctoral degree in fine arts at the Vilnius Academy of Arts in 2019. From 2009, he has been an active participant in group exhibitions in Lithuania and elsewhere, and has held several solo exhibitions. His works have been presented in international contemporary art fairs and important art institutions of Lithuania. In 2013, Daukša became a recipient of Ary Stillman fellowship.

The Rooster Gallery’s events are kindly supported by
Lithuanian Council for Culture and Vilnius City Municipality

Exhibition opening 23 September at 6 pm. The exhibition will be open until 9 October.
Exhibition will take place in a gallery space in Vilniaus St 24 (entrance from the inner yard of the Radvilas Palace), in collaboration with the Lithuanian National Museum of Art.
Opening hours of the gallery: IV-VI 16.00–19.00, VII 14.00–17.00. You can also schedule your visit by phone +370 629 07226, or email us at info@roostergallery.eu