'Intra-Structures – Monster of the Seven Lakes' at Treignac Projet

July 21, 2017
Author Echo Gone Wrong
Image CIAP Vassiviere 2016

Image CIAP Vassiviere 2016

An exhibitionary entanglement with art works by Sabrina Chou, Caroline Doolin, The Otolith Group and Laura Põld, some Moomin books by Tove Jansson and various intra-structural narratives.

In one of the seven lakes there is an island, the island of Vassivière where this all began. On this island the Summer Ambiance turned geography ? ? intra-structures, inanimate ? ? animate, holiday ? ? survival, global ? ? local, and the Douglas fir wood industry seems to form networks like clusters of amanitas…

The dams of these artificial lakes produce electricity, though for local people the story goes that these lakes exist to keep water to cool down the nuclear plant in the moment of an emergency.

The valley is inhabited by the Moomin family and their kin and companions. It is hard to detect any ontological order here: a comet, creatures, a forest, mountains, entities, a stream, water, a hat, a house, love, threat, sex and genders, seem to be on the stage of a constant coming into being.

The Klovharu island in the Finnish archipelago, marked by solitude and endless companionship, where a writer and an artist used to go every summer – is diffracted trough painterly, material and spatial placements and layerings. The sea joins with tactility, canvas and ceramics – a remembrance of bodies pressed against the rock – haunted by time spent in Yamanashi prefecture, intra-acting within an industrial-rural environment.

Heat spurts out through the crust on yet another islands. Heat that is useful and useless; an expression and a resource; heat that is produced through the love of two tectonic plates, plates that bare the weight of geothermal energy plants, glass factories, geological measures, and human apparatus-industries.

Finally, civilization, infrastructures, highways and cars have entangled themselves into a desert thrilled by constant geological shivering. The earth cracks and throws a seismic psyche to the whole of Southern California.

Still in another valley in Treignac, there is a river and a former yarn factory. In the yard of the factory there is a horn that warns you if the dam bursts. The sound of the horn is not just a warning of potential danger but a reminder of a constant monstrous state where one is not enough and two is too many.

Intra-Structures – Monster of the Seven Lakes is an entanglement of artistic commissions, pre-existing art works and curatorial ideas by Jussi Koitela. It creates a narrative that challenges material, geographical, economic and infrastructural ethico-onto-epistemological orders of modernity and progress. The aim is to trigger knowledge from within merged stages of queer human-nonhuman landscapes, geo-economic-infrastructures and global earthly connections. Release the in/animated intra-active agential monster!

The participation of Laura Pöld is supported by Estonian Ministry of Culture, Outset Estonia and Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (EKKM). Part of Sabrina Chou’s works have been produced at The Castle, International Centre for Art and Landscape, Île de Vassivière, 2016. Intra-Structures – Monster of the Seven Lakes is part of the broader Entangling Matter and Meaning project.

22 July – 3 Septembre 2017
2 rue Ignace Dumergue, 19260 Treignac, France
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