A Conversation on Remoteness in Skagaströnd (Iceland) and Nida (Lithuania)

This talk started on the Greenland Sea (Arctic Ocean) coast, with an Icelandic breeze and cup of coffee in Skagaströnd, which has 500 inhabitants and hosts the artist-in-residency programme Nes. This is one of the most remote residencies in Europe,

Hunting with Marko Mäetamm

Marko Mäetamm is a beloved Estonian artist, so it is no coincidence that he has presented Estonia twice at the Venice Biennial. This year he was accepted to present his works at Miami Nada fair. His series called “Our Daddy

Routines and rituals in “The Great Seal Weigher and Berries of the City” by Juha Pekka Matias Laakonen

Juha Pekka Matias Laakonen was one of the first residents invited to MaloniojiAIR established in 2012 by artist Žilvinas Landzbergas and curator Justė Kostikovaitė. Juha is an interdisciplinary artist whose artistic practice is based on the process itself and the

Unsettle and redistribute

Disidentification [is] a removal from the naturalness of a place, the opening up of a subject space where anyone can be counted since it is the space where those of no account are counted, where a connection is made between

Baltic Triennial of International Art in a single human being – Mindaugas

The 11th edition of the Baltic Triennial of International Art at Vilnius Contemporary Art Centre is taking a turn to a more condensed format: a 12 day event focused exclusively on performance and film. Countering the tendency of biennials to

Aesthetics of conceptual art and concept of aesthetic art in works of Alver Linnamägi

Alver Linnamägi’s (b. 1988) exhibition “Terms and Conditions” appealed to me because as I walked around for the first time, I did not get any of it. The meanings were hermetically sealed into themselves. There was a wall almost covered

Yann Gross: Documentary Photography vs. Photojournalism

Yann Gross (b. 1981, Switzerland) is a remarkable photographer of the generation. Awarded with a special prize in prestigious photography festival Photo España (2008), he was invited to hold a solo exhibition of the world’s most famous photography festival in Arles in

“Here is always somewhere else”. Interview with Miks Mitrēvics

On the last week of April, 2011, an exhibition “ARTscape: LATVIA” was opened in VARTAI Gallery (Vilniaus St. 39) introducing the works of the Latvian artist Miks Mitrēvics and Lithuanian painter Linas Jusionis. Miks Mitrēvics (born 1980 in Riga) is