Estonian Contemporary Art Museum

When, in the fall-winter of 2006, Marco Laimre and Neeme Külm started to clean the trash out of the former Tallinn Heating office building at the top of the loading dock of the old boiler house at Põhja pst. 35,

Sleeping Beauty Castle

Garden gallery of Riga Dome cathedral

LIAA Project space “Malonioji 6”

Malonioji 6 is an informal art project space and artist-run initiative located in a green Vilnius district of Žvėrynas, close to the city centre, but a bit off the main art routes. The space was founded in 2011 by an

Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius

The Contemporary Art Centre (CAC) is the largest venue for contemporary art in the Baltic States, with an exhibition space of 2400 square meters. The CAC is a non-collection based institution committed to developing a broad range of international and