institution_periphery_synapse: Final Program of the Curated Residency CENTRAS in Kaunas

2017 10 17 — 2017 10 19
Author Echo Gone Wrong
Published in Events in Lithuania

M.Janulevičiūtė_A.Lučiūnas-MerginaliepsnojaOn 17-19th October, ar Kaunas Artists’ House (Putvinskio st. 56, Kaunas) a final program called institution_periphery_synapse of the international curated artist residency CENTRAS will take place. After exploring the experiential contexts of Kaunas, the artist collectives Lehman Brothers, Monika Janulevičūtė and Antanas Lučiūnas, Eglė Kulbokaitė and Dorota Gawęda (Young Girl Reading Group) will present the artworks intended for the residency and will invite to the special events.

On 19th October (Thursday) from 7 pm the residency will take shape of an exhibition which will entangle the specific historical and architectural space till 3 November. At 7:30 pm the opening will be followed by the third experimental music series ‘Ultra Dinamica’: Seht Zhan aka 5e7h (San Paulas), Kacper Zlemianin aka Ctrl Freq (Krokuva/Haga) and Arma Agharta (Nomadia).

Till then, on 17-19th it will be possible to visit the residents with curators at the open studios at the Kaunas Artists’ House. On 17th October on 7 pm (Tuesday) an open event is being organized by Monika Janulevičiūtė and Antanas Lučiūnas, on 18th October 7 pm (Wednesday) – Lehman Brothers. On 19th October 6 pm (Thursday) Young Girl Reading Group 149 will take place till the opening at 7 pm.

Active for more than ten years, festival CENTRAS of Kaunas comes back after a year as an international curated artist residency. This year’s conceptual framework if formed around name ‘Centre’ that helps open up vast concepts of INSTITUTION (Lehman Brothers) – PERIPHERY (Monika Janulevičiūtė & Antanas Lučiūnas) – SYNAPSE (Eglė Kulbokaitė & Dorota Gawęda). Research points suggested by the curator Vaida Stepanovaitė are intertwined with the ever-evolving cultural landscape of Kaunas and reflect the need to rethink ways of experiencing contemporaneity. International artist residency CENTRAS is based on artistic and curatorial research conducted in the contexts of Kaunas and Lithuania, exploring the liminal and parallel connections. The artist collectives choose their approaches and strategies to the suggested topics as incisions in the form of an exhibition and educational program.

The residency is partly funded by Kaunas municipality, and partners with Kaunas Artists’ House. Thanks to Saari Residence and Kone Foundation