Indrė Liškauskaitė | 'timidos cognoscitur' at gallery 'Artifex', Vilnius

2018 03 20 — 2018 04 07
Author Echo Gone Wrong
Published in Events in Lithuania


Meet the artist Indre Lišskauskaite at her solo exhibition “timidos cognoscitur” on April 7th, 1 PM.

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The exposition is composed of authors’ creative researches and discoveries over the past few years, surrounding Timidos cognoscitur – a new, rare and endangered species.
Fragment one:
“These animals are individualists; they spend almost their entire lives alone, rarely contacting others of their species. They are particularly timid and careful animals. Grown-ups do not have natural predators, thus the reason for this bizarre behaviour is unknown. Because of its large body mass, animal move quite slowly and cannot run. It is thought, that this specie evolved quite quickly, compared to other vertebrates of similar size and qualities. Animals are particularly adept at hiding and at camouflage. At the smallest sense of danger they can remain unmoving, almost frozen in place, for a long time.”
Fragment two:
“This rare species has remained in the margins for a long time, away from human eyes. Scientists say, that a few centuries ago, the species’ population was significantly larger, but the — abundance may have dropped due to unknown illnesses and viruses, against which the animal did not have immunity.”

The researcher goes off on a stunning search, during which the researcher and the animal switch roles, and become dependent on each other. While watching the animal, and waiting for it to leave the periphery the researcher identifies with a new species, and becomes an animal himself.
What is this new species? Is it even real? These are the questions the researcher tries to answer while unsuccessfully chasing a subject familiar only from books and theories. The narrator gets obsessed by the search and slowly his condition and the entire process becomes the sole goal of the researcher. Even though his entire attention is given to the animal, these relationships make the portrait of the explorer even clearer. The new species exist and act in the extended consciousness of the researcher, thus both become inseparable.

Indrė Liškauskaitė is a creator, who received a Bachelor’s degree in Painting and Master’s degree in Textile at Vilnius Academy of Arts. In her works she uses various media to explore the relations between reality and fiction, as well as human and animal. Her works are full of uncertainty of images and information, which surrounds us. Scientific and mythical situations are simulated with a use of images, smells, sounds and text narratives.

While documenting the search of a new species a non-visual portrait of an animal is created.

Exhibition is sponsored by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.

Exhibition available: March 20th – April 7th.
Working hours: Tuesday-Friday: 12 – 6 pm, Saturday: 12 – 5 pm. Address: Gaono g. 1, Vilnius.