‘it imitates a wet pessimism’ by Ieva Kraule-Kūna at 427 Gallery

7 pm
Duration: 2018 05 30  - 2018 06 21


427 is excited to invite you to the opening of the show

it imitates a wet pessimism
Ieva Kraule-Kūna

30.05. – 21.06.2018.

AI is selling newspapers and robots have soft palms, remember, there was a time when only brazen heads were whispering into ears of the sleeping –

Time is. Time was. Time is past.

The continuous flow of time exists solely around our hot bodies. From the scent of yesterday, cough of tomorrow and today’s sunburn thighs I am building the anagram of time. Every day I wash off past to meet the morning with a new face, until I shrink so small, until I shrink even smaller and disappear completely. Only a few shiny stones and some saw dust is left. You are wading trough my saw dust, tiny itchy lacerations covering your ankles, you are wondering where does it lead. It doesn’t lead anywhere at all, even the arches lead to nowhere. Nothing but fallacies and falsifications. You can arrange them in pleasing rows and found a museum dedicated to time. Tedious! Temporary! You can scramble the left over parts and build something new.

Ieva Kraule produces sculptural objects often using materials such as ceramics, rubber, metal and stone. Accompanying these objects are short stories, loosely based on fictitious interpretations of historical events and absurd adventures of imaginary characters. Within her work she often refers to themes surrounding fetishism, history, applied arts and architecture of the Soviet era, while tracing origins of both personal and collective aesthetic codes. Ieva Kraule is based in Riga. Her recent exhibitions include α: Deceived Deceivers, Kim? Contemporary art centre, Riga; Dancing water (with Kaspars Groshevs), Futura, Prague; The person you are trying to reach is not available (with Aidan Koch), Hester, New York; and Qu’est-ce que ça peut faire tout ça (with Kaspars Groshevs), Shanaynay, Paris. Her work has been included in group shows at 1857, Oslo; HIAP, Helsinki; Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius; Art in General, New York; and Kim? Contemporary Art Centre, Riga. She also co-founder of gallery 427 in Riga.

Support: VKKF, VKN

Special thanks to all of 427 patrons

Echo Gone Wrong
May 28, 2018
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