Ieva Iltnere's exhibition "Not only, but also"

2014 03 13 — 2014 04 01
Author Echo Gone Wrong
Published in Events in Latvia

Fragment. “Small People” 2014, acrylic on canvas, 180×200

On Thursday, March 13th, Maksla XO gallery opens a solo exhibition “Not only, but also” by Ieva Iltnere.

“I would like to make visible paintings that have been living in my imagination for some time. The keywords for you imagination: Not only, but also. Both…, and… Nonetheless. Birds of passage. Strength and weakness. Goya. With an object similar to a pistol. Red stripes. Little people. Trees. Fireplace. Silly idea. Sunglasses for a sad face,”

Ieva Iltnere, 2014

Ieva Iltnere’s painting is associated with very fine and laconic depiction, pronounced aestheticism and colouring, sensitivity, delicate attitude towards each nuances of painting, the artistic quality. It is her special way of thinking – how to paint, instead of what to paint. The depicted plots, if they are presented at all, appear only in the process of work, they deal with painting as such – the association of colours, their closeness and contrasts, the light and the form. Things encountered in reality, handled with the mediation of Biblical and mythological characters, are created in the exquisite colour scheme of an aesthetic metaphor.

Ilze Zeivate, 2014

The Works of Ieva Iltnere are in Public collections in Latvia and abroad:

Latvian National Museum of Art (previous title – State Museum of Art), Riga / Latvia
Artists’ Union of Latvia Museum, Riga / Latvia
The future Latvian Contemporary Art Museum, Riga/Latvia
Swedbank Contemporary Art Collection – Riga, Latvia
Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey / USA
Ludwig Museum, Aachen / Germany
ECB’s Art Collection / Germany
State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow / Russia