“I am NOT sitting in a room” by Taavi Suisalu opened at new contemporary art gallery Supersonicum in Viljandi

Duration: 2016 05 14  - 2016 06 04

SupersonicumOn May 14, a new contemporary art gallery Supersonicum opened in Viljandi. New space focuses on exposing and producing sound-art and experimental music. The 100 sq/m room with high ceilings will be filled with exhibitions and live performances.

The first exhibition — “I am NOT sitting in a room” opened by Taavi Suisalu.

The installation borrows the title from an iconic sound work by Alvin Lucier, but negates it and instead of focusing on the room at hand, it creates a techno-magical space in which the apparatus of our contemporary modes of perception becomes apparent.

In Jim Jarmusch’s film “Down by Law” there is a scene in a windowless prison cell where Bob, a character with a poor command of language, draws a window on the wall and asks his fellow comrades: “Excuse me, do you say in English, ‘I look at the window,’ or do you say in English, ‘I look out the window’?”

Taavi Suisalu is working in the contexts of technology, sound and performance, stretching out to borderlines of different disciplines, mixing traditional and contemporary sensibilities and activating peripheral spaces for imaginative encounters. He studied sociology and informatics at the University of Tartu, finished Media- and Advertisement Design department in Tartu Art College and earned his MA in New Media from Estonian Academy of Arts. His practice is informed by phenomena of contemporary society and its relations to and use of technologies. He applies subjective research methodologies to study socio-cultural phenomena, being interested in the behaviour, perception and thinking of social beings. His practice seeks to shift cultural and/or phenomenological perception in order to detangle the base patterns/apparatus of being and in order to cross borders between contemporary and traditional culture.

During vernissage-night you can visit gallery at 6 – 11 pm.

At 10 pm will take place a opening performance.

Official opening time for „I am NOT sitting in a room“ will be May 19, 20, 21, 26, 27, 28 and June 2, 3, 4, at 4 – 8 pm.

Gallerist and curator of Supersonicum is Erik Alalooga.

NB! Live-performance by Taavi Suisalu will take place in Supersonicum on June 2.

Supported by: Estonian Culture Endowment, Koidu Seltsimaja, Department of installation and sculpture of Estonian Art Academy, Tartu Art House, Anni Zupping, Tanel V. Kulla.

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May 16, 2016
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