'Hi, I am a silver halide' at Aikas Žado Laboratory, Žeimiai Manor House

2018 05 28 — 2018 06 25
Author Echo Gone Wrong
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© Laboratory Aikas Žado & Enrika Stanulevičiūtė, Smugleviche

© Laboratory Aikas Žado & Enrika Stanulevičiūtė, Smugleviche

Hi, I am a silver halide

2018.05.28 – 2018.06.25

Invisible Man Cinematheque, Aikas Žado Laboratory, Žeimiai Manor House, Žeimiai, Lithuania, LT-55386.



Since many years Žeimiai Manor House functions as a laboratory of moving images, which has both integrated the plots of silent cinema and became a light platform for unprocessed frames of definitely more than one cinema film. What is superb, furthermore, is that in this laboratory, many invisible creatures have given sense to their lives; under different conditions they have lived here, created, loved (or are still living, creating & loving). As a memorial board for an „Unfamous, Unappreciated and Forgotten Painter” (1) was opened in Vilnius Academy of Arts in 2007, a memorial board for the „Unknown World’s Žeimiai Inhabitant” (2) was created in Žeimiai Manor House in 2008. Accordingly, in 2017, the doors were opened for the space of Invisible Man Cinematheque.

In 2018, the programme of Invisible Man Cinematheque is based on the ideas of eco-centeredness (ecocentrism is a term used to highlight the political-ecological philosophy of a nature-oriented system of values that is opposed to anthropocentric – oriented towards a man. However, one should not understand eco-centeredness as an anti-humanist principle, constructed in accordance with the humanistic versus anti-humanist dichotomy scheme. One should acknowledge it more as an attempt for heterogeneity and diversity, following a rhizomatic and anti-hierarchical idea of multi-species) that are documented in the everyday calendarian film of both photo and video. The assembled collection of eco-critical visuals will be exhibited in the si-bioarchitectural installation of the Cinematheque, the opening of which is coming and will be announced soon. Until then, we invite you to get acquainted and become part of the creation (of the invisible visuals) of this future exhibition, while participating in 10-15 min eco-session, in which you will be introduced with both the creation of Žeimiai Manor House methodology of preventive conservation and with a broader context of Invisible Man Cinematheque:

  1. From Tuesdays to Fridays (make a pre-call before arriving (3)).

  2. Saturdays/Sundays from 12.00 to 18.00.

In addition, during June 2018, the inhabitants of Laboratory Aikas Žado will conduct the surface bio-tests with peroxyacetate and other disinfectants for microorganisms – it will be interesting to watch and participate. In parallel, we could discuss lichen, mushrooms and aims to be, in a vibrant and mutating environment of Žeimiai Manor House (for the means and consultations we are more than thankful to Irena Bubinienė & Pranas Gudynas Centre for Restoration).

Come, participate, let’s discuss!

(1) http://www.bernardinai.lt/straipsnis/2011-04-22-aiste-p-verbickaite-lentu-medziokle-vilniuje/61615

(2) https://www.delfi.lt/veidai/kultura/patriotu-menininkai-jav-nepriklausomybes-diena-kviecia-svesti-zeimiu-dvare.d?id=17597374

(3) Laboratory Aikas Žado, “Aikas Žado” Association; +37061002855 (Domas Noreika); +37062814808 (Eglė Ambrasaitė)

Project (The Projects of Invisible Man Cinematheque) is partly funded by Lithuanian Council for Culture and Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania.