Group exhibition 'Spectrum' at the Vartai gallery

2020 07 14 at Galerija VARTAI
Author Echo Gone Wrong
Published in Events in Lithuania

On Tuesday July 14, the Vartai Gallery launches a group exhibition of works by the gallery’s own authors as well as several invited artists, Spectrum. On the opening day, we are pleased to invite you to visit the gallery from 12-8pm, Vilniaus str. 39 (please enter the building from Klaipėdos Str.).

“Through nerve impulses, the retina of the eye transmits information which our consciousness later breaks down into relationships and interprets as sensory material; the mind processes this information by looking for recognizable experiential and cultural connections, from which it forms a cognitive whole of objects, along with a broad variety of its constituent components. From this multifaced whole, the gaze chooses a motif, a detail, a nuance, concentrates on it and immerses itself in this aroused curiosity. It starts with approaching it, separating the chosen detail from the whole and assigning it a personal, individual meaning – detached from the context. It proceeds with eventually reuniting this meaning with the whole, thus complementing the latter with new forms of significance. The diversity of these meanings forms an invisible and ever-expanding part of the perceived visual shapes.”