Group exhibition 'Narcotics' at the Temnikova & Kasela gallery

2020 03 20 — 2020 05 10 at Temnikova & Kasela
Author Echo Gone Wrong
Published in Events in Estonia

Temnikova & Kasela gallery is pleased to invite you to “Narcotics”, curated by Ilja Karilampi. The exhibition will feature works by Cosima von Bonin, Ilja Karilampi, Nik Kosmas, a collaboration by Kareem Lotfy & Katja Novitskova, and a press release by The Opioid Crisis Lookbook + music by Emiranda. The opening will take place at the new location Peetri 12, on 20 March 2020, 6pm.

“Narcotics” explores visual euphoria and aesthetic satisfaction through the following questions: are we able to experience an equally sublime state of perception with an outlook free of mind-altering substances? What idea of utopia is more real: the version we imagine while intoxicated, or the factual rationalization that everything works out according to some sort of higher meaning?

Expressions such as “mind-expanding”, “consciousness-altering”, or “psychedelic” have been used since ancient times as terms for tampering with a sense of an alternative reality. However, in musical experiences such as the “drop”, or having vivid inner pictures hearing a chorus, it just “is”. Perhaps the chase and pursuit of this state of mind is what best characterises us as humans or refined escapists: the need to see the weeks through a glimmering light; to stay high; or having something external “fix” us in order to enhance life.

At Temnikova & Kasela´s new gallery space in Noblessner harbour, “Narcotics” shows various aesthetic gestures striving for controlled ecstasy or an alternative thrill. The exhibition is open until 10 May 2020.

Text by theopioidcrisis_lookbook and sound by Emiranda.

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