Gallery Weekend Kaunas

2019 05 09 — 2019 05 12
Author Echo Gone Wrong
Published in Events in Lithuania

Gallery Weekend KaunasGallery Weekend Kaunas is coming back for the fourth time to mark the ending of the gallery season by inviting to explore the multifaceted cultural skyscape of the city. The concentrated 4 day program will activate around 30 artistic instances in both traditional and unconventional exposition spaces.

Up until now the cartographers of GWK were only mapping the stars – the most massive objects – but this time the upgraded telescope allows to change the scale by uncovering whole planetary systems: cultural networks which are propelled by green background GWK radiation. This year a traditional linear course is facing experiments: the visitors are invited to become autonomous interplanetary explorers by independently gravitating around local bodies of art. The latter will differ in idiosyncratic characteristics of movement. While some places will present static aesthetic encounters, other will invite the visitors to experience the art via physical movement.

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