Galerija VARTAI. Thursday Review. Jurgis Bernatonis

2013 07 18 — 2013 07 24 at Galerija VARTAI
Author Echo Gone Wrong
Published in Events in Lithuania


This Thursday, July 18, 5 pm, the Review Room will introduce Jurgis Bernatonis works.

Jurgis Bernatonis (born in 1990) is a new player in the Lithuanian art scene. The young artist got his BA in graphic art at the Vilnius Academy of Arts this year, and can be distinguished among his peers for his excellent drawing skill as well as his ability to analyse and judge public issues by portraying them in contemporary art. On July 18–24, the Review Room of Vartai Gallery will exhibit Mr. Bernatonis’ thesis work The King Is Not Naked (Karalius nėra nuogas). The work was created using a rare and quite complicated mezzotint technique. According to the author, he was inspired by his interest in miniatures and political issues. Daily browsing of the Euronews website would reveal a cliché “king” of the day. Visual representation of the past centuries is applied to contemporary rulers portrayed through reproduction. The young artist defines himself as the fetishist of the Medieval and Early Renaissance fine art of the Western Europe, a political activist with an invisible democratic voice.

“Whereas I am the author of images, I have the privilege of portraying myself as a symbol of power of a simple citizen among the icons of power. Royalty is the wish of the society to see the face of a simple person whose visual representation embodies the entire state, idea or revolution. For me it’s the visual phenomenon”, says Mr. Bernatonis.

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