'Fuchsia version 3 rebooted' by Maria Metsalu at Konstanet

October 11, 2016
Author Echo Gone Wrong

“Fuchsia version 3 rebooted. Desert”

“Fuchsia version 3 rebooted” is the third edition of Maria Metsalu’s project “Fuchsia”. “Fuchsia 3” was launched at Club Konstanet in August 2016 with a live performance. Now Konstanet is presenting the online part of the project, a series of five videos titled “Fuchsia version 3 rebooted”, on view at http://konstanet.com/fuchsia-version-3-rebooted/

“Fuchsia” is Maria Metsalu’s ongoing project (developed in collaboration with Nikola Knezevic) that investigates virtual environments and the possibilities of transferring these environments inside the physical analog world and on the stage.

Maria Metsalu (1990) is an Estonian choreographer and performer who finished her studies from SNDO (School for New Dance Development) in 2016. She creates mainly solo works with an ongoing interest in the production of her own persona, self-mythologisation of it and her own autopoiesis. Exploring physical and virtual realities, bringing them together, understanding the differences of those two in terms of interaction, social exchange and transformation are important aspects of her research process. She aims to articulate relations between visual culture, identity, appropriation, telepresence and voyeurism using self-referential relationships with corporate technologies.


“Fuchsia version 3 rebooted. Forest”


“Fuchsia version 3 rebooted. Island”


“Fuchsia version 3 rebooted. Mountain”


“Fuchsia version 3 rebooted. Swamp”




Photo by Liis Serk: Maria Metsalu performing at Club Konstanet


Photo by Liis Serk: Maria Metsalu performing at Club Konstanet

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