First Vilnius Gallery Weekend, 9-10 September

Duration: 2016 09 09  - 2016 09 10

Vilnius gallery weekend

Vilnius Gallery Weekend
9-10th of September

Contemporary art comes back from vacation!

First Vilnius Gallery Weekend after the summer opens the doors of galleries and art spaces for Vilnius residents and guests.
Gallery Weekends in cities around Europe and the world have been happening already for more than few decades, marking the first exhibitions in the galleries after the summer months and opensa new art season in the city. In this format, Lithuania experiences it for the first time. Galleries with new exhibitions open at the same time, inviting city residents to form temporary communities for experiencing not only exhibitions, but also meeting artists and getting to know the city better. Galleries are places which mark the respiration and blood flow of the city, emerging earlier than specific districts, neighbourhoods or quarters gaining the attentionof  city residents. Or vice versa they mark the historic development of some districts or buildings. They embody metabolism of new ideas and social connections, especially when the exhibition openings gather city residents and guests from different backgrounds, not only to look at art, but also exchange news and impressions.

Initiator of the gallery weekend: Vytautas Michelkevičius


9th of September

10:00 –20:00  – Visiting of Kaspars Podnieks exhibition „Paddlock“, (AV17) gallery (Aušros vartų 17)
12:00 –20:00  – Visiting exhibitions at galleries „Artifex“ (Gaono 1), „Vartai“ (Vilniaus 39), „Akademija“ (Pilies 44), Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Center (Malūnų 8),  exhibition halls „Titanikas“ (Maironio 3), Vilnius Photography Gallery (Stiklių 4/Didžioji 19)
15:00 –18:00  – Open Artists’ „Įvairūs partneriai“ Studios (Sodų 6)
17:00 – Exhibition opening „Shadows“,  Šv. Jono gatvės gallery (Šv. Jono 11)
19:00 – Exhibition opening-performance „Show Me My Yesterday“, Studium P (Pylimo 20-24); Exhibition opening „Anachronikos“ , Contemporary Art Center (Vokiečių 2)
20:00 – Exhibition opening „The Body of the Letter“, Sodų 4 (Sodų 4)
21:00 – Beginning of exposition of 24/7/9 Monitors of Interdisciplinary project ARCHMEDIALĖ, gallery „Nulinis laipsnis“ (Šv. Stepono 14)

10th of September

12:00 – Free tour around gallery „Vartai“ exhibitions (Vilniaus 39)
12:00 – 16:00 – Visiting exhibitions at Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Center (Malūnų 8) and Šv. Jono gatvės gallery (Šv. Jono 11)
12:00 – 17:00 – Visiting exhibitions at galleries „Artifex“ (Gaono 1),  (AV17) (Aušros vartų 17), Vilnius Photography Gallery (Stiklių 4/Didžioji 19), exhibition halls „Titanikas“ (Maironio 3).
12:00 – 18:00 – Visiting exhibitions at gallery „Akademija“ (Pilies 44)
13:00 – Discussion „Gallery Weekends in Lithuania: Challenges of Forming Traditions and Development Directions“, Coffice (Sodų 3A)
14:00 – 16:00 – Open LIAA (and Other) Artists’ Studios (Pramonės 141)
15:00 – Free tour around gallery „Vartai“ exhibitions (Vilniaus 39)
15:00 – 18:00 – Open Artists’ „Įvairūs partneriai“ Studios (Sodų 6)
16:00 – Creative workshop for children „Mould Your Own Urlaganas“, gallery „Trivium“ (Vilkpėdės 7-105)
18:00  – Interactive game „The Life of Urlaganas“, gallery „Trivium“ ( Vilkpėdės 7-105)
22:00 – Closing of Vilnius Gallery Weekend: Vygintas Orlovas, „ref/inter“, Yucatan (Pylimo 2/ Islandijos 6)

Info point: Sodų 4 (Sodų st. 4)
Organizer: Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association (
Coordinator: Rasa Kavaliauskaitė,
The project is partially supported by Lithuanian Culture Council and Culture Ministry of Republic of Lithuania, Vilnius City Municipality.

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September 7, 2016
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