Exhibitions by Alvīne Bautra, Raimundas Majauskas and Eugenijus Lukas Kolmogorcevas at Meno parkas gallery

2019 07 04 — 2019 08 02 at Gallery 'Meno Parkas'
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Alvīne Bautra (LV)

Private View: 4th of July (Thursday) at 6 p.m. (Ground floor exhibition space).
Exhibition Time: 04. 07. 2019–27. 07. 2019

The paintings by Alvīne Bautra portray human beings in the process of dissolving into an empty space. The multiple, overlapping faces and body parts seem to slip away, however, the characters’ presence seem to be rooted in the moment with their look directed straight to the viewer. Their expressions are those of indifference, boredom and sometimes a slight or grotesque smile. In this way the artist reflects upon the human existence. The unknown about the known. The engagement of the elusive inner world with thoughts and emotions which are not known to others. However, in order to exist, a person needs a body and it is seen by everyone.

The compositions of the paintings embody the feeling of the movement in slow motion thus conveying the inescapable truth of a forever shifting viewpoint and the never-ending change. The artist considers movement to be a metaphor of the diverse and multi-layered human nature and the uncertainty of being.

Through her paintings she outlines the complicity of the human mind and its relationship with the existence itself. It is the end – result of the individuals’ transformation that is always unknown.

Alvīne Bautra uses the traditional painting techniques combined with characters of different people to create an atmosphere which, hopefully, invites the viewer to an inner dialogue with oneself about the human existence in the present time.

Alvīne Bautra (b. 1990 / LV) is young and active Latvian artist who currently studies in Art Academy of Latvia, MA in Painting.

Exhibitions is part of gallery’s project “The Young. Green Consciousness”. Projects is partly financed by the Lithuanian Council for Culture and Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania.


Raimundas Majauskas

Private View: 4th of July (Thursday) at 6 p.m. (First floor exhibition space).
Exhibition Time: 04. 07. 2019–02. 08. 2019

The author’s anniversary exhibition is dedicated to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the author and his 40th anniversary years of creative life. The exhibition retrospectively reviews the author’s artworks, from the selected works that best reflect the author’s artistic style, from drawings to the latest paintings. Oil paintings, watercolors, drawings, pastels will be exhibited. The artist’s artwork is distinguished by its coloring, impressive gesture in painting, and vividness. The author’s motives often become a landscape space, recognizable as images seen somewhere, figurative compositions, as well as still lives.

Eugenijus Lukas Kolmogorcevas

NERVOUS SYSTEMPrivate View: 4th of July (Thursday) at 6 p.m. (Second floor exhibition space).
Exhibition Time: 04. 07. 2019–02. 08. 2019

The exhibition features objects, video art, and paintings. It is a personal atlas of several years of daily stories and events associated with people.

The arrow of time doesn’t stop moving forward, wiping away and leveling the complexity of interactions between humans, objects and phenomena. I would like to accept the present not as an arrow of time with the past, present, and future, but as a tangled web of here and now. Dialogues with people inspire creativity and provoke reflection of subjective experiences. This exhibition is the actualization of past events through artworks. The chain of art objects, paintings, and video artworks tell a single uninterrupted story which is hard to disentangle (just like the nervous system).

The process of perishing and oblivion, when untouched objects irreversibly decay, dwindle away and disappear losing their defining shapes, becomes a kind of guideline pointing to the flux of everything, from order to disorder, from the image of memory to oblivion. It affects the nervous system, unnerves and forces to create.

Recently, when having a conversation, I experienced some moments that are commonly called “true-life.” Such situations or stories about birth, enlightenment, diseases, purity, loss, etc. force you to step out of your personal comfort zone. “True-life” things create a sense of proximity to the naked reality. Probably many of us know the place in Kaunas, where it is hard not to notice the words “The reality is just what we believe in.” We believe and want to believe in a variety of strange things. When we wind up, real/fake often becomes a secondary question. This lack of clarity made me think about primitive life forms and how we continuously romanticize our environment, and about some other things. In one way or another, it also gifts a sort of proximity to a here and now moment which is very close and yet unattainable.

Exhibitions is part of gallery’s project “2019. Accents“. Projects is partly financed by the Lithuanian Council for Culture and Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania.

Gallery’s Working Hours: II-V 11:00-18:30, VI 11:00-16:00
Admission is Free.