Exhibition 'When the time swirls, when it turns into a black hole' curated by Maija Rudovska at Centre for Contemporary Art Futura, Prague

December 10, 2019
Author Echo Gone Wrong

When the time swirls, when it turns into a black hole

Artists: O.B.De Alessi, Michael Salerno, Thomas Moore, Dennis Cooper, Laura Gozlan, Radek Brousil, Darja Bajagić.

opening 3. 12. 2019, 18:00
exhibition 4.12. – 16.2. 2020

curated by Maija Rudovska

The walls are pulsing
Haunting desires of strangers
Bodies start to merge*

The itching, uncomfortable, alien feeling in your body, when it’s carried through a dark tunnel of change, the turbulence the movement creates, the hallucinating vision you attain, the intolerable state that causes pain and misery combined with lucid longing.

I wanted to stage the experience of adolescence, the dreams and nightmares that one experiences when transitioning from one place to another – the awkwardness, the uncanniness and darkness this journey comprises. Adolescence is a season of fast-paced development – moral, social, physical, cognitive, and emotional transformation. Imagine a body, – a distorted body, half of the body, parts of a body, an unpleasant body, a beautiful body, an ugly body… can you tolerate it? It’s both scary and captivating in its strangeness and alienness.

The mindset of a teenager – how does it manifest itself? Is it a grotesque picture of reality? The imagination gone wrong or just wild? Another reality? I wanted to explore the subject of fear and horror during the states of transition and change, – the way how they become alternate states for expression, resistance and even healing. What pathway they have and what footprint they leave. The poetics, humour and unpleasantness they entail. A teenager’s mind can be a portrait of a decade or a time, pointing on to the power of transformative strength that goes alongside the chaotic dynamics characteristic of to the times we live in. It can be as well also a space and a place for (imagined) language. Futura Gallery’s space, the basement, offers a body for scenography and dramaturgy to this subject. The presence of a body as real (physical) and symbolic (psychological) is situated there in conversation with the language of architecture, revealing itself in various gestures and appearances.

* Thomas Moore, When People Die, 2018, published by Kiddiepunk


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