Exhibition 'Shelter of Trust' by Klára Švandová and Ondřej Doskočil at the TiK Cold Space

2020 07 07 — 2020 08 08
Author Echo Gone Wrong
Published in Events in Latvia

427 gallery in collaboration with TiK Artist in Residency

Klára Švandová and Ondřej Doskočil
Shelter of Trust
7.07. – 8.08.2020.
TiK Cold Space

“And a person, who fell out of the order of nature due to the excess of knowledge, must create an artificial world for themselves in which they could live. “

An early visitor sings: Let us dance. Let us build a shelter of trust where murmurs in a new language can be heard. “We all know that all that we create is ephemeral,” it whispers as we elevate ourselves beyond the fear of failure, fear of the future. For a moment we merge with the trees and concrete, with light rays and puddles. We have come to build temporary structures of halfwords, gestures, and calls. Now, let us dance at the Shelter of Trust.

– Kaspars Groševs

Cold Space: First door on the left if you enter Tallinas ielas kvartāls from Miera street
Working hours: Thursday-Saturday, 4-7 pm