Exhibition 'Outside the Wall' at Nida Art Colony

2017 09 05 — 2017 09 09 at Nida Art Colony of Vilnius Academy of Arts
Author Echo Gone Wrong
Published in Events in Lithuania

outside the wallExhibition “Outside the Wall“ presents young or a bit senior artists who consciously transferred their creative activity outside Lithuania which is the only common aspect between them. For over one year the public discourse is holding conversations about mass emmigration of Lithuanian residents, betmigration of creators is not distinguished. Can’t we start talking of exodus photograpy today?

We can interpret the title “Outside the Wall“ from several perspectives. First of all this emigration of the said creative force, however the possibility of selecting expression and field of activity is more important here. While viewing an exhibition we obviously see that aethetics of works and presentation construed step firmly outside the so called „Lithuanian photography school“ and naturally integrates in the international field of visual culture. Authors shifting their creation to another space choose a universal mode of talking. Geographical dissociation in this case becomes a premise of original expression and free talking.

Another noticeable thing – authors’ dissociation from Lithuanian institutions. None of them belongs to Lithuanian Photographers Association and I think majority never attempted to become members. And this independence allows authors act while their works circulate entirely freely in the contexts of different disciplines. Moreover, they never put on themselves labels of „the disadvantaged“, „inconvenient“, „the rejected“, do not speculate with connotations of these concepts, they just freely and with luxury levitate in spaces of independence. On the other hand, works of these authors are more often and more vividly seen in the exhibitions of foreign institutions, publications and it is possible that namely such Lithuanian photography is seen by a foreign lover and assessor of the art of photography.

Artists: Ieva Baltaduonytė, Vytautas Kumža, Visvaldas Morkevičius, Paul Paper, Valus Sonov
Curatos: Gytis Skudžinskas