Exhibition ‘Les Exercices’ by Henrikas Čerapas at Otwarta Pracownia, Cracow

Henrikas Čerapas, LES EXERCICES 2016 - 2017; oil, polygraphic and technical paint on canvas, 292 x 230 cm

Henrikas Čerapas, LES EXERCICES, 2016 – 2017; oil, polygraphic and technical paint on canvas, 292 x 230 cm

“Les Exercices” – the exhibition in Otwarta Pracownia, Cracow, is the first look at Henrikas Čerapas’ works from a different angle of perception. The series of thirteen canvases is the latest work of the painter (created in the winter of 2016 and in the spring of 2017). 8 works from it are presented in the collection of exhibition. This is the transformation of the series “LIVE” – the reductions of sky-earth landscapes. In the abstract canvases the fundamental element of the painting – dashes – is repeated. And this plastic formulation (exercise – fr. l’exercise) is purged to the endless vertical sequence until it becomes a mechanical perception of motion – a presentation of a free act and pure action painting.

Henrikas Čerapas – born 1952, in Papilė (Akmenė district, Lithuania). Studied painting at the Lithuanian Art Institute, now Vilnius Academy of Art; later taught here. Lives and works in Vilnius. Čerapas’ painting is an idiosyncratic figurative abstraction, distinguished by monochromy, generalizations, visionarity. Over the course of several decades, his painting has evolved in the plastic-thematic stages: “Aloes”, “Soils”, “Railways and Heads”, “Love Gardens”, “LIVE”. Since 2000, Čerapas arranges large-scale autobiographical exhibitions: “Ten Years After” (Vilnius, 2007), “Alone on the Road” (Kaunas, 2014), “Soils: 1990-1995” (Vilnius, 2016).

Exhibition dates: 6.10.- 3.11.2017
Opening: 6.10.2017
The catalogue will be presented during the opening of exhibition

Otwarta Pracownia
ul. Dietla 11, Cracow

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September 27, 2017
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