Exhibition 'Invisible' Kai Kaljo at the Gallery Positiiv

2019 09 17 — 2019 10 04
Author Echo Gone Wrong
Published in Events in Estonia

Invisible (2018) by Kai Kaljo was photographed in Italy, at the Mazzano Romano residency, where artists and writers from Finland and Estonia can apply. Estonians have been visiting the residency for over twenty years, and this has left its mark on our art and literature.

“These photographs were taken in the last week I spent at the Mazzano Romano guest studio. In the eight weeks I was there, I didn’t want to shut that window once. I photographed and drew the constantly changing view from the Mazzano Castle almost every day, from what was probably its biggest window: once, a cloud went right past the window, once, I was surprised by a double rainbow starting from the river below; once, the Moon, smiling like a human face, rose from behind a large tree. The summer lasted forever, until one day my time was over.”