Exhibition 'Interlude ' by Līga Spunde at Riga Circus

October 28, 2018
Author Echo Gone Wrong

Interlude_by_LigaSpunde18_webProject Interlude by Līga Spunde is made in close collaboration with multimedia artist Alvis Misjuns and it is held in the former elephant stables at Riga Circus. Interlude is the first exhibition in the exhibition series of KVADRIFRONS.

Interlude is both a musical interlude and an optical illusion. The authors of this illusion – Jim Steinmeyer, John Gaughan and Jonathan Pendragon – constructed the idea that would entail the apparent disappearance of the body’s centre, thus revealing a completely new inner space, which can be reached in incredible ways.
The exhibition Interlude is displayed in a space that until recently was the backstage of magnificent circus performances and it is created by considering and responding to the changes at the circus. Interlude is a virtual performance that combines the mastery of the actors from KVADRIFRONS and the idea of cleaning the space for a fresh start. As in Walt Disney movies where a room is washed, swept and spruced up for a princess’s birthday, the old elephant stables are caringly scrubbed, aired and polished with the help of magical beings; thus, showing respect to the past and caring for what is to come.

The changes at Riga Circus show that the mastery and limits of human physical abilities become increasingly important. With virtual reality and motion capture technologies, the spell is complete. The impossible becomes possible when the actors perform the dance choreography played by virtual objects. Similar to illusionist tricks, the new technologies help to occupy the new space by being a joyful and defiant contrast to its monumental gloom. The musical accompaniment of the performance is made in collaboration with Reinis Semēvics. It includes parts from “The Nutcracker” by P. Tchaikovsky and “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” by P. Dukas.

Artist: Liga Spunde in collaboration with Alvis Misjuns
Venue: Riga Circus
Title: Interlude
Date: October 11 – November 9, 2018

Photography: Liga Spunde

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