Exhibition ‘Could we–, Can we–, Lets.’ by Ellen Tracy & Margarita Žigutytė at gallery ‘101’, Kaunas

Duration: 2018 06 19  - 2018 06 26


Indebted to the gentle rocking of the 19:59 train from Kaunas to Vilnius.
“Maybe you think about ideas differently when you’re standing in a strong wind…”

Ellen Tracy & Margarita Žigutytė present a week-long train ride.

Gutting, getting drunk on, drowning, reviving, reinstalling, deinstalling, stalling, destabilizing, analyzing, supplementing, publishing, politicizing, playing, humoring, laughing at, spitting at, kicking, cuddling with, scolding, scalding, nipping in the bud, losing our grip on, and getting hot and heavy with curation.

→ Follow the process through the event and on the open Google doc. https://docs.google.com/document/d/11Bht8bzLl6fy9vXwC5PlA9C6HZG7UwCNg-CLWItax1w/edit?usp=sharing

→ Catch the train whenever you feel like being on a train.

The last event of g101’s s/s season and a prelude to the upcoming one.

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Echo Gone Wrong
June 22, 2018
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