Exhibition by Auris Radzevičius and Judith Lesur at Meno parkas gallery

2017 08 02 — 2017 08 30 at Gallery „Meno Parkas“
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Judith and Auris_01On August 2nd at the second floor of the gallery „Meno parkas“ will be held the opening of exhibition by Auris Radzevičius (Lithuania) and Judith Lesur (France).
“Creatures” – hybrids – made of animal, vegetable and human features have been crossing Judith Lesur’s and Auris Radzevicious’ works for a while, either in painted, photographic, performed or video-animated… forms.

Their use of masks allows them to explore the other faces that are visible when the most recognisable part of the human figure is hidden, enlightening some dark, absurd, poetic, scary, grotesque… sides.

But to go further than a common theme going through the personal works they will be presenting in Meno Parkas Gallery, they decided to spend some time together, in France and in Lithuania, to discuss and make new pieces for the exhibition.

With the question of making masks, out of daily-life materials (fabric, cardboard, plastic) or from more elaborate art technics (papier mâché, painting), came the issue of how to drop the mask, both while learning how to live and create side by side with someone one barely knows, and as the narrative for a video or art piece. 

Judith Lesur is visiting Lithuania for a fourth time: exhibition “Three Ways for One Point” (2015) gallery “Meno parkas” together with Germany based artist Zarah Hassanabadi-Horn and gallery’s “Meno parkas” artist Agnė Jonkutė. Also, Judith and “Meno parkas” in coallaboration with art museums and prisons in France and Lithuania held the project “Tiltas – Passerelle” (short video about the project is here…). During the festival “Kaunas in Art” (2014), Judith was invited to present her solo show.

Auris Radzevičius – artist, raging in various forms of art artist, carrying wide conception of perception of art. While inviting to the exhibition “Hybrids” it is quite suitable to remember his more than one year old answer to a question, what would he wish for viewers:

I wish them, that before going to an exhibition, spectacle or concert, they would leave their imaginary world at home and just would come open for what they see or hear. Usually people are imprisoned in their own stereotypes with their glasses, their meter and understanding about the weight of kilogram, they don’t see many things, that are given for them, put in front of them, say in an open text. I would wish them to push aside their egoistic viewpoint and open for infinity (from the interview with art critic Dovilė Stirbytė in art news portal “kamane.lt”, 02 05 2016).

Content of the exhibition:
Photo series by Judith Lesur (Lithuania, France, Madagascar, 2016-2017)
Paintings, objects, installations by Auris Radzevičius
Videos by both artists

Exhibition is part of gallery’s international cultural exchange project “Art Line”.
Project is part-financed by Lithuanian Council for Culture, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania and Kaunas City Municipality programme “Iniciatyvos Kaunui”.

Exhibition will be opened till 30th of August, 2017.