“(Re)construction of Friendship”

2014 05 01 - 2014 10 19
Within the framework of the “Riga 2014” thematic line “Freedom Street”, on 1 May the opening will take place of the international contemporary art exhibition “(Re)construction of Friendship”, which will feature the participation of artists from Ukraine, Germany, Kosovo, Iceland,

The Room of Love by Margit Lõhmus

2014 04 28 - 2014 05 30 / 6.30 pm
On Monday, 28th April,  6.30 pm exhibition THE ROOM OF LOVE by Margit Lõhmus (Estonia) will be opened at at the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art (LCCA) Office Gallery. The exhibition is a part of Riga Photomonth 2014. Trained as a painter,

Köler Prize 2014. Exhibition of Nominees

2014 04 25 - 2014 06 15 / 6 pm
On Friday, April 25 from 6 pm – 9 pm The Museum of Contemporary Art of Estonia invites to the opening of the Köler Prize 2014 exhibition. The Köler Prize is an art prize that was founded by the Contemporary Art

Alfredo Cramerotti’s lecture “Curating Exhibitions, Conferences, Pavilions and Buildings: The Bizarre Life of the Curator”

On Friday, April 25 at 5 PM an experienced curator, writer and artist, Alfredo Cramerotti will give a public lecture Curating Exhibitions, Conferences, Pavilions and Buildings: The Bizarre Life of the Curator at CCA, Estonia (Vabaduse väljak 6/8, button no.

Lia Perjovschi: Knowledge Museum Kit & Dan Perjovschi: Time Specific

2014 04 25 - 2014 06 29 / 6 pm
Lia Perjovschi: Knowledge Museum Kit & Dan Perjovschi: Time Specific opens in Rupert on the 25th of April with a lecture by the artists at 6 pm. Knowledge Museum is a project in which Lia Perjovschi recycles many of her other projects

Michael Sanchez lecture “The Seasons in Retrospect”

2014 04 30 / 5 pm
“The Seasons in Retrospect” comes out of his engagement with the series of “Seasons” paintings by the German artist Jutta Koether. In this lecture, he redirects his analysis of these particular paintings to, instead, consider the fate of seasonal rhythms

Vladas Urbanavičius. Standard Reservoirs

2014 04 10 - 2014 10 03
The sculptor Vladas Urbanavičius, who is the author of “Krantinės arka” (Quay’s Arch) (2009), the sculptural object constructed from old “Družba“ pipes of USSR gas-main, which aroused many disputes about contemporary art, , was invited to create a site-specific sculptural

The Road to Tartu: “Cardigans and Kostabis. Tartu Exhibition Sites 1990-2014”

2014 04 25 - 2014 07 01 / 5 pm
On Tuesday, March 25 at 5 pm the Tartu Art Museum opens the archive exhibition Cardigans and Kostabis. Tartu Exhibition Sites 1990-2014, curated by Triin Tulgiste, as the first stage of the archive project Tartu 88 launched by the museum

Māra Brašmane’s solo exhibition “Time of Change”

2014 05 08 - 2014 06 01 / 6 pm
When Māra Brašmane (b. 1942) first got her hands on her father’s wide-lens Voigtländer camera, she began to look for ways to use an image to freeze a moment of time. Just like one of the pioneers of French documental

Vija Celmins. Double Reality

2014 04 11 - 2014 06 22 / 5 pm
On Friday, 11th April, 5 pm  The Latvian National Museum of Art will open an exhibition of almost 50 works by the world’s most famous Latvian painter Vija Celmins at the The Art Museum Riga Bourse the Great Exhibition Hall as part