Indriķis Ģelzis. “Specifying Interpretations on a Single Individual (Unnoticeable Difference)”

2014 01 24 - 2014 03 06 / 5 pm
January 24th, 5 pm Indriķis Ģelzis’ exhibition “Specifying Interpretations on a Single Individual (Unnoticeable Difference)” opens at the Intro Hall of the Riga Art Space. “Three people look at a single individual.  Three copies of the individual unanimously claim that they have

“Loneliness Will Be My Greatest Treasure” by Ieva Kraule

2014 01 24 - 2014 02 05 / 12 pm
Ieva Kraule’s exhibition Loneliness Will Be My Greatest Treasure opened on January 24th at Kalnciema kvartāls gallery (Kalnciema iela 35, Riga) and will remain on the view through February 5th. “In the past there are only eight notes, which are repeated

Exhibition of Latvian contemporary graphic art “GRAFIKA-S”

2014 01 25 - 2014 03 06 / 11 am
On January 25th Riga Art Space opens an exhibition of  Latvian contemporary graphic art. The exhibition will present the latest works from more than fifty Latvian artists. In addition, there will be an international conference and a catalogue. Both grand-masters and

“Trails of Fading Landscapes” by Armands Zelchs

2013 11 29 - 2014 01 26
  To judge by the artwork on life is the same as to judge on gardening after the jam.1 – Russian philologist’s saying The start of the exhibition is a self-constituted inference that until quite recently, in the 20th Century, our


2014 01 22 - 2014 01 23 / 5 - 9 pm
What if study is what we do with others? What if study is a social practice that needs rehearsal? What if we study in the studio? What if the studio is a dance studio? What if we consider the “dance

Dénes Farkas’ exhibition “Evident in Advance” at the Kumu Art Museum

2014 01 16 - 2014 05 11 / 6 pm
On Friday, 17 January Dénes Farkas. Evident in Advance will open at the Kumu Art Museum. The exhibition was created for the Estonian Pavilion at the 55th Venice Biennale and it is accompanied by a catalogue. The exhibition by the post-conceptualist

Creative writing workshop: Re-contextualizing American colonialism & patriotism

2014 01 19 / 12 pm
On Sunday, 19 January this year, Rupert is glad to invite you to a writing workshop hosted by Rupert Educational program participant Jacquelyn Davis: “[…] In light of recently visiting a traditional museum in the United States exhibiting a permanent

The launch of young Lithuanian photography book “Like There’s No Tomorrow”

2013 12 30 / 7 pm
This Monday, 30 December at 7 pm we’d like to invite you to a launch party of publication “Like There’s No Tomorrow”. “Like There’s No Tomorrow” is a new book on young Lithuanian photography. Works from 12 emerging artists are

Lazer Cut Fish and Chips

2013 12 17 / 11:29
December 17th, Tuesday, from 11:29 am till Late at CAC basement An event spiralling in and around the release as re-reading of numeric magazine Good Times & Nocturnal News #2. From Venetian full moon into tumbler n dripping ice, turned

Korumpas by Liudvikas Buklys and Gintaras Didžiapetris at The Gardens

2013 12 15 - 2013 01 01
The Gardens invites to a screening of a video made by two Lithuanian artists Liudvikas Buklys and Gintaras Didžiapetris featuring Nicholas Matranga in a main role. The three artists are working in a close collaboration for the first time, though