Inquirers. PhD series: Giedrius Gulbinas. Historical distance in art theory and practice

2014 12 09 / 6 pm
Processes of Lithuanian contemporary art are well explored from various perspectives, but most of these studies address the appearance of a new phenomenon and analyse its meaning within the context of common field of art praxis. There is very little

MoKS meetings: Basil AlZeri- Indrek Grigor

2014 12 09 / 6-9 pm
Tuesday, December 9th at 6pm at Tartu Artists House monumental gallery (Vanemuise 26) an event from the series MoKS meetings. The performative artist talk with Basil ALZeri about food as a medium/subject that deals with the problematic cultural appropriation, occupation

A talk by Mirosław Bałka and Kasia Redzisz within the framework of the program Waiting for.. (Archaeology of an Idea)

2014 12 19 - 2014 12 19 / 6.30 pm
kim? Contemporary Art Centre announces and invites you to the 5th and the final visit within the framework of Riga European Capital of Culture 2014 program’s project Waiting for.. (Archaeology of an Idea) – a talk by renowned Polish artist

Parasite & Mimicry

The overlapping between inside and outside manifests itself in the paradox of the trapped wolf in the second of Munchausen’s fantastic stories. The wolf jumps to catch the horse which was pulling the sledge and starts eating his prey, but

„Interfacing the Brain“ Creative workshop by Chris Hales

2014 12 08 / 1.30 pm
Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association presents a fourth workshop this season called „Interfacing the brain“ by Chris Hales, a London-based artist during his short-term residency in Lithuania. All welcome to register and take part. This short workshop will allow participants to

Inquirers. PhD series: Lina Michelkevičė on Participatory Practices in Lithuanian Contemporary Art: Between Aesthetic and Social Reality

2014 12 02 / 6 pm
Participation is among those prevalent contemporary art buzzwords that occupy a firm place in the vocabulary of artists, curators and art critics yet are more than often used without a clear motivation. Trapped by the appealing epithet, one often leaves

“HOWTO Things” symposium on transdisciplinary practices

2014 12 02
Symposium “HOWTO Things”, aimed at transdisciplinary practices, will take place 2 December 2014 at Kaunas University of Technology (KUT), Faculty of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities. Introducing their field of research participants of this symposium will discuss and compare the

Svajonė & Paulius Stanikas. Trip to Mars

2014 12 06 - 2014 12 16 / 6 pm
The necro-romantism of S&P Stanikas, living and working in Paris, is related to a certain  context of degenerating late sovietism and a later shifted socio-political and socio-cultural context, as well as to iconography of the classic Western art. However the

“Dead Ain’t Gone” by Kristians Brekte

2014 11 24 - 2014 01 09
Kristians Brekte’s creative work has always been saturated with vivid characters of imagination along with familiar symbols of popular culture, art and religion. In the hands of Brekte bones, crosses, and drips of black China ink become attributes of a

A Show as/on (Artistic) Research

2014 11 26 - 2014 11 29 / 6-9 pm
In the recent years artistic research has divided artist into at least two camps, while for the academia the number of the latter is at least three or even five. This slightly vague term has become a platform for speculation