Exhibition ‘Last Decade. Andris Vītoliņš’ at Panevėžys Drama Theatre

2017 09 02 - 2017 09 28 / 2:30 - 5 pm
Artist Andris Vītoliņš has said that he is fascinated by mankind, however, he paints not people, but the objects and material world they have created. He is interested in how the world of technology co-exsists and interacts with nature by

Vilnius Gallery Weekend. 7–10 September 2017 in Vilnius and Lentvaris.

2017 09 07 - 2017 09 10
Gallery weekends have been happening across different cities in Europe and the World for decades now, usually taking place at the same time as first exhibition openings after summer, thus marking the beginning of the new season of arts in

‘In Search of Paintings’ by Stacie McCormick at ‘Meno parkas’ gallery

2017 09 01 - 2017 09 30 / 6 pm
In Search of Paintings is a selection of videos and photographs that reflect McCormick’s fascinations and way of seeing.  “Photography, for me is a sketchbook, a type of research as well as a mirror of my practice as a painter.”   McCormick’s’

‘The Observer’ by Aistis Kavaliauskas at GRAFO gallery

2017 09 01 - 2017 10 24 / 6 pm
On 1st of September at 6 PM we invite you to visit Aistis Kavaliauskas exhibition “The Observer” at GRAFO gallery at Trakų st. 14, Vilnius. Curator of the exhibition -Aistė Marija Grajauskaitė. Aistis Kavaliauskas (1991) is a representative artist of

‘ProtoCells, an introduction. Biolaboratory with Brian Degger’ at Sodų 4

2017 09 01 / 11 am-2pm
“Protocells are “primordial molecular globules, situated in the environment through the laws of physics and connected through the language of chemistry.”* Protocells are deeply intriguing. They exhibit life­–like properties, with systems demonstrating cell division, cell fusion and chemo–taxis. Biologically, they

Exhibition ‘Outside the Wall’ at Nida Art Colony

2017 09 05 - 2017 09 09
Exhibition “Outside the Wall“ presents young or a bit senior artists who consciously transferred their creative activity outside Lithuania which is the only common aspect between them. For over one year the public discourse is holding conversations about mass emmigration

Tallinn Photomonth. September 1 – October 29

2017 09 01 - 2017 10 29
Tallinn Photomonth is delighted to announce the full program for the international contemporary art biennial taking place this year from September 1st to October 29th. The 4th edition of Tallinn Photomonth biennial opens on September 1st with the group exhibition ‘Image

Exhibitions by Olga Chernysheva and Jaan Toomik at Temnikova & Kasela gallery

2017 08 23 - 2017 10 28
Temnikova & Kasela Gallery will open the autumn season with what might be called a ‘double feature’ or a ‘two-as-one’ exhibition. Two artists, both of the generation that emerged in the mid-1990s and both among the most accomplished and most

‘The Travellers: Voyage and Migration in New Art from Central and Eastern Europe’ at KUMU

2017 08 25 - 2018 01 28
The exhibition looks at travel in a region where freedom to travel was, until recently, a luxury available only to the very few. The revolution of 1989/1991 and the subsequent opening to the world and globalisation processes allowed citizens of

Curated Residency CENTRAS: Artist Talks, Reading and BBQ in Kaunas

2017 08 22 / 6 pm
Active for more than ten years, festival CENTRAS of Kaunas comes back after a year as an international curated artist residency. This year’s conceptual framework if formed around name ‘Centre’ that helps open up vast concepts of INSTITUTION – PERIPHERY