Exhibition by painter Saskia Järve at Tallinn City Gallery,

2017 01 12 - 2017 02 19 / 6 pm
At the exhibition by painter Saskia Järve to be opened on Thursday, 12 January at 6pm at Tallinn City Gallery, the artist, whose work looks at the transformation of memories over time, in this instance, tackles collective rather than personal

New exhibitions at ‘Meno parkas’ gallery

2017 01 10 - 2017 01 31 / 6 pm
On January 10th (Tuesday) at 6 pm on the first floor of the gallery Meno parkas (Rotušės a. 27, Kaunas) will be held the opening of sculptors’ exhibition “Dimension of Maket”. “Dimension of Maket” is a walk in huge steps through sculptors’ creative

Lecture by architect Pippo Ciorra at National Gallery of Art

2017 01 11 / 8 pm
WHO: The architecture [news] fund invite to the Pippo Ciorra lecture ‘MAXX-ist architecture. curating as a form of theory’. WHEN: The talk will be held in English and will take place on January 11th. Starts at 20:00. Entrance is free.

‘Meadow Guesses’ by Tomas Martišauskis at Sodų 4

2017 01 11 - 2017 01 28 / 6 pm
Project space “Sodų 4” is starting the new year with a solo show by artist Tomas Martišauskis titled “Meadow Guesses”. The static journey within the exhibition will offer a possibility to stumble upon the materiality and plasticity of information, upon

Comics exhibition ‘Grey Area’ at Tartu Art Museum

2017 01 13 - 2017 03 26
On 13 January the Tartu Art Museum opens the exhibition Grey Area, which introduces the more avant-garde trends in Estonian contemporary comics. For most viewers, comics are an area that they don’t know much about. Therefore, this exhibition offers an

Tauras Kensminas exhibition ‘Elsewhere’ at (AV17) gallery

2017 01 10 - 2017 02 04 / 6 pm
On the 10th of January at 6pm, at (AV17) gallery (17 Aušros Vartų Str., Vilnius) an opening of Tauras Kensminas exhibition “Elsewhere” will be held. In the exhibition “Elsewhere” the artist Tauras Kensminas shares a quest of personal consciousness, while

‘TIMER’ by Kaarel Kurismaa, Raul Keller, Mari-Liis Rebane and Karl Saks at Art Hall Gallery

2016 12 15 - 2017 01 15 / 6 pm
At this exhibition, there are quite a few timers that tick, hum, sing or otherwise sound the time, along with four artists of various ages that measure different temporal and spatial experiences. Not that any of them are demented by

Karel Koplimets’ exhibition ‘Case No. 12. Kalamaja’ at Hobusepea and Draakon gallery

2016 12 14 - 2017 01 07 / 6 pm
„Thieves have appeared in the buses of Kalamaja. My friend had his expensive phone stolen from his pocket. The man who was sitting next to him stood up and got off the bus at the moment my friend felt that

Exhibition ‘You Came, You Saw, You Left: Cultural Floor’ by Eglė Ridikaitė at Exhibition Halls ‘Titanikas’

The exhibition You Came, You Saw, You Left: Cultural Floor is a modern painting exhibition, representing Eglė Ridikaitė’s love of the city of Vilnius and of beauty. This is the largest exhibition to date of this celebrated Lithuanian painter, who

Solo show by Žilvinas Kempinas at Vartai gallery

2016 12 20 - 2017 02 03 / 6 pm
Vartai gallery is delighted to announce the opening of a solo show by Žilvinas Kempinas. It is the second solo exhibition by the artist at our gallery, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. The exhibition presents his newest