‘City Studies’ by Adomas Žudys and Dalia Mikonytė at Pamėnkalnio Gallery

2017 11 03 - 2017 11 17 / 7 pm
Photogrammetry – a way of scanning static object by taking and arranging an array of photos, and piecing them together to form a 3d textured object. By editing the models, introducing “glitch” aesthetics and piecing together building facades, surreal and

Lecture series ‘International Inspiration’ 2017/2018 at Estonian Academy of Arts

2017 11 09 - 2017 11 10 / 10 am
Center for Contemporary Arts, Estonia and Department of Visual Culture and Art History of Estonian Academy of Arts present: Lecture series “International Inspiration” 2017/2018 Vincent Honoré: Performing the institution Vincent Honoré, Chief Curator of the David Roberts Art Foundation in

‘YOU’VE GOT 1243 UNREAD MESSAGES Last Generation Before the Internet. Their Lives’ at Latvian National Art Museum

2017 12 08 - 2018 02 03
The exhibition “YOU’VE GOT 1243 UNREAD MESSAGES. Last Generation Before the Internet. Their Lives” deals with the recent past where the search for oneself and others took place in an analogue instead of a digital environment.  The works of art

‘Contemporary French expressionism and its margins’ M. Žilinskas Art Gallery, Kaunas

2017 11 09 - 2017 12 31 / 6:30 pm
“The expressionists’ creativity and weapon is the instability of existence and the great spiritual losses interconnected with it, which the totality of human culture is fighting against… They create within a hardly comprehensible world of emptiness and fullness. Their creations

A talk by Suhail Malik ‘Contemporary Art → Ex-art: Retro-transfiguration Into the Commonplace’ at Vilnius Academy of Arts

2017 11 09 / 5:30
Rupert kindly invites you to a talk by Goldsmiths MFA Fine Art Co-director Suhail Malik ‘Contemporary Art → Ex-art: Retro-transfiguration Into the Commonplace’. It will take place on 9 November, from 5.30pm at Vilnius Art Academy doctorate auditorium 102 (Malūnų

Residency CENTRAS: Young Girl Reading Group 149, catalog, exhibition tour

2017 11 02 / 6 pm
On 2 November, 2017 at 6 pm Kaunas Artists’ House (Putvinskio st. 56, Kaunas) will host the closing program of the curated residency CENTRAS. The event will have an enacted introduction of a new catalog – a tour around exhibition

Translation of Space. First Research Stage by Maximilian Gallo and Vaida Stepanovaitė at ‘si:said’ gallery in Klaipėda

2017 11 04 / 1-4 pm
On 4 November, Saturday 1-4 pm the first stage of Maximilian Gallo and Vaida Stepanovaitė’s research with working title Translation of Space will be introduced at the gallery “si:said” (Daržų st. 18, Klaipėda) as part of a program by the

‘Derivatives and Initials’ by Konstantinas Bogdanas at Artifex gallery

2017 10 26 - 2017 11 11
How do the artworks affect each other? How many times and in what direction? How does the twist of these interactions look like? How often does one artwork inspire the creation of the other one? What are the relationships between

HEY! Open Visit in Lithuania of the Artist Delegation from Berlin

2017 10 26 / 10 am
On October 26th, 10 am a delegation of artists who have never been to Lithuania before will arrive at Vilnius Airport and will leave from Vilnius Airport October 31st, 04:35pm. Between arrival and departure the artists will be available and

‘Mademoiselle x’ by Maria Metsalu at Kanuti Gildi SAAL

2017 10 28 - 2017 11 02
“Air could not freeze her, fire could not burn her, water could not drown her, earth could not bury her.” The performance operates in the realm of the figure of Mademoiselle x – a semi-fictional woman who, while being alive,