Sharon Lockhart’s exhibition ‘Rudzienko’ at Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius

2019 02 08 - 2019 03 31 / 6 pm
Sharon Lockhart. Rudzienko 2019.02.08-03.31 CAC Main Hall Curators: Inesa Brašiškė and Justina Zubaitė The Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius (CAC) is pleased to invite you to Sharon Lockhart’s exhibition Rudzienko, which marks the first ever presentation of the artist’s work in the

Solo exhibition ‘Tactics & Techniques’ by Alejandro Cesarco at Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius

2019 02 08 - 2019 03 31 / 6 pm
Alejandro Cesarco. Tactics & Techniques 2019.02.08-03.31 CAC North Hall Curator: Neringa Bumblienė The Contemporary Art Centre (CAC), Vilnius is delighted to present Tactics & Techniques; a solo exhibition by Alejandro Cesarco (born in Uruguay in 1975, currently lives in New

Solo show ‘Sphynx’ by Robertas Narkus at Editorial, Vilnius

2019 02 01 - 2019 03 03 / 7 pm
“Editorial” project space is excited to present a solo show by a Lithuanian artist Robertas Narkus “Sphynx” opening February 1st, 7 pm. In the summer I spent a few months in Liverpool, such a strange city, searching for hope, having once seen

WARP by Dominykas Sidorovas and Kazimieras Brazdžiūnas at the Artifex gallery

2019 02 05 - 2019 02 16
While creating and discussing, as if affected by the “Doppler’s effect”, two artists – Kazimieras and Dominykas, present sketches that they have been gathering for several years. Whilst being traced, the ideas and the process obtain a different weight and

Rupert’s current artist-in-residence Antanas Gerlikas opens his residency studio to the public

2019 01 27 - 2019 01 29
Between 27-29 January, Rupert’s current artist-in-residence Antanas Gerlikas will open his residency studio to the public to share his latest drawings from the ongoing series of works, ‘Prototypes of Dunes’. “When I was working on ‘Prototypes of Dunes’, I tuned

‘Stacks, plants and plains’ by linas Jusionis at Vartai gallery

2019 02 07 - 2019 03 15 / 6 pm
On February 7th, Vartai Gallery opens a new personal exhibition of well-known young-generation artist Linas Jusionis. Looking at the scene of contemporary Lithuanian art, Jusionis has been holding a solid stance for almost a decade now, drawing more and more

‘Dès Vu: The Awareness That This Will Become A Memory’ by Paulius Šliaupa at Meno Niša gallery

2019 01 24 - 2019 02 12
We walk through life sometimes ignorant of the way time moves around us. Unless you think, “Soon this moment will be gone,” we are mostly present-oriented. But occasionally we do think that the moment we’re in, this moment right now,

Opening of the first exhibition season of 2019 at the Rothko Centre

2019 02 01 - 2019 04 14 / 4 pm
At 4 p.m. on Friday 1 February, the first exhibition season of 2019 will be opened at Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre. With the opening of six new art projects that make up the new year’s first exhibition season at

‘Metal Saw For The Burning Wood’ by Artūras Raila at Sodų 4

2019 01 22 / 5 pm
Artūras Raila “Metal Saw For The Burning Wood” 22/01/2019 5 PM, After 3 years of activities LTMKS project space “Sodų 4” is going to be open for the last time. After the event our project space will be opened in

Lithuanian painting exhibition ‘LeeduMaal’ at the Tartu Art House

2019 01 17 - 2019 02 10
On Thursday, 17 January at 5 p.m. Lithuanian painting exhibition “LeeduMaal” will be opened in the Tartu Art House. Although Lithuania and Estonia are closely related not only geographically and historically, but also culturally, our knowledge about each other is