‘vomiting and crying vomiting and crying you are my sister you are my sister’ by Kadi Estland and Netti Nüganen at the Tartu Art Museum

2019 01 18 - 2019 04 28
The duo exhibition “vomiting and crying vomiting and crying you are my sister you are my sister” features two artists from different generations, Kadi Estland and Netti Nüganen, showing their newest work. Throughout the first floor of the museum, everyday

Noora Nio-Juss. Covered at the Tallinn Art Hall Gallery

2019 02 15 - 2019 04 21
Noora Nio-Juss earned her bachelor’s degree from the department of painting at the Estonian Academy of Art in 2000 and completed her master’s degree at University of the Art Helsinki, Academy of Fine Arts in 2017. Some time ago she

Liina Siib. Politics of Paradise at Tallinn Art Hall

2019 02 16 - 2019 04 14
Curator: Taru Elfving Liina Siib excavates the multiple dreams and ideals that haunt the present. Her work pays acute attention to the minor narratives, which usually persist in the shadows of the attention economy or crevices of accelerated lived experience.

The exhibition ‘Ocean Botlights’ by Taavi Suisalu at the Tallinn City Gallery

2019 02 01 - 2019 02 15
From 1 February the exhibition “Ocean Botlights” by Taavi Suisalu will be open at the Tallinn City Gallery. Suisalu, who tackles the relationship between people and technology, here explores light – simultaneously a giver of life and a conveyer of

Asja Lācis. Engineer of the Avant-garde Exhibition Space, Level 4 of the National Library of Latvia

2019 01 31 - 2019 03 31
The exhibition about Asja Lācis, internationally renowned yet undiscovered in Latvia, but one of the most outstanding Latvian creative personalities of the 20th century, is made by the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art and curator Andris Brinkmanis. Asja Lācis. Engineer

Solo show ‘Estonian Party’ by Fred Kotkas at Temnikova & Kasela gallery

2019 01 31 - 2019 02 09 / 6 pm
Temnikova & Kasela gallery is pleased to invite you to Fred Kotkas’ solo show “Estonian Party”. The exhibition will open on the 31 of January, 6pm, and remain on view until the 9 of February 2019. The paintings were originally

Exhibition by Ieva Juršėnaitė at Marija and Jurgis Šlapeliai House-Museum

2019 02 13 - 2019 02 28 / 7pm
Work, death, it’s chilly, children, lunch, a meeting.. This mosaic distracts, it starts to become more and more difficult to exclude the main and essential moments from the almost unworthy ones. My works can be combined together and be read

Angst by Zane Tuča at the Alma gallery

2019 01 31 - 2019 03 08
Winding its way over the high, dark cliff wall like a fragile thread is a white vein. Quiet, peaceful, humble and distant. However, viewed close up, the fragile thread strikes the ground with frightening and awesome force. Definite and unwavering.

‘A Trip with Two Companions’ by Raminta Blaževičiūtė at the Rooster gallery

2019 01 30 / 7 pm
The Rooster Gallery presents the gallery’s new artist, painter Raminta Blaževičiūtė, and invites visitors to her first solo exhibition “A Trip with Two Companions”. “A Trip with Two Companions” is a journey undertaken by imaginary travellers in the hope of

James Benning’s Film Programme ‘Landscape to be Experienced and to be Read: Time, Ecology, Politics’ at the CAC Cinema Hall, Vilnius

2019 02 14 - 2019 02 17 / 6 pm
Landscape to be Experienced and to be Read: Time, Ecology, Politics. James Benning’s Film Programme 2019.02.14-17 CAC Cinema Hall Curated by Lukas Brašiškis A piece of landscape that looks beautiful can become the opposite of beauty For over forty years