‘Sanctuary’ by Birgit Püve at Tallinn City Gallery

2017 09 16 - 2017 10 15 / 6 pm
From 16 September a solo exhibition by art photographer Birgit Püve titled “Sanctuary” will open at Tallinn City Gallery. The exhibition dissects the multifaceted history of Vao village by examining recent documentation side by ide with archival material. The opening

Opening of the New Autumn Exhibition Season at the Rothko Centre

2017 09 22 - 2017 11 05 / 4 pm
On Friday, September 22, at 16:00 Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre will launch its new autumn exhibition season with a motto – TIME AND DIVERSITY IN TIME. For the fifth time running the autumnal Rothko season comes as a harvest

‘Realities in the Making’ by Kristina Ališauskaitė at The Rooster Gallery

2017 10 11 - 2017 10 28 / 7 pm
The Rooster Gallery is opening its new autumn season with the exhibition Realities in the Making by painter Kristina Ališauskaitė. It is her fourth solo exhibition presenting her latest paintings. Ališauskaitė’s works offer a glimpse into an encounter between ordinary

11th Kaunas Biennial THERE AND NOT THERE: (Im)possibility of a monument

2017 09 15 - 2017 10 30
The 11th Kaunas Biennial There And Not There will open on 15 September 2017 and will question the notion of monument: what, when and why should a monument be or not be. While opposing the populist practice of removing-erecting and

‘Gold and Fish’ by Malvina Jelinskaitė at CAC, Vlnius

2017 09 08 - 2017 10 18
Malvina Jelinskaitė describes her work as “photography via color”. She also says, “it’s interesting what you said about how there’s so much to do in my photographs. There’s barely any action in them – the time is on our side,

The opening of SURVIVAL KIT 9 on September 7

2017 09 07 - 2017 10 01
This year, SURVIVAL KIT 9, the biggest annual contemporary art exhibition in the Baltics, will be accompanied by a wide range of events which, like the exhibition, will be aimed at broadening the perception and learning from nature. Throughout the duration

Baltic Triennial 13 – Prelude at Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius

2017 09 14 - 2017 10 18 / 6 pm
The Prelude for Baltic Triennial 13 unveils what often remains invisible: a range of intentions, engagements, research and emotions. The purpose is to make public what nurtured the Triennial: its poetry section (words, rhythms, thoughts / poetry, music, theory), crucial

Group exhibition ‘Depot’ in Lentvaris

2017 09 09 - 2017 09 10 / 4 pm
“Vilnius Gallery Weekend” invites you to Lentvaris! Two contemporary art exhibitions “Depot” will be opened in Lentvaris railway station’s buildings on the 9th and 10th of September. The newest works of artists will let one see the historical contexts of

Exhibitions by Žygimantas Augustinas, Tadas Vincaitis and Irma Leščinskaitė in Klaipėda

2017 09 15 - 2017 10 15
Žygimantas Augustinas „IN“ Scientific methods are based on author’s attempts to incarnate into the images of King Sigismund Augustus, King Sigismund the Old, his wife Bona Sforca, the Lithuanian poet Kristijonas Donelaitis, or even the new version of the recently

‘Guotika’ by Donatas Jankauskas (Duonis) at Project space ‘Sodų 4’

2017 09 08 - 2017 09 22 / 8 pm
Project space “Sodų 4” is happy to present “Guotika” – a solo exhibition by Donatas Jankauskas (Duonis). The opening of this exhibition will take place in the evening of 8 September during Vilnius Gallery Weekend. The stone sculpture was found