Exhibition ‘From Realism to the Object. Lithuanian World Art in the Collection of the Lithuanian Expatriate Art Foundation’ in Vilnius

2017 04 20 - 2017 09 10 / 5 pm
On 20 April at 5 pm the exhibition “From Realism to the Object. Lithuanian World Art in the Collection of the Lithuanian Expatriate Art Foundation” will open at Vytautas Kasiulis Art Museum (A. Goštauto 1, Vilnius). Now presented in Vilnius,

VideoFest at Studium P gallery, Vilnius

2017 04 22 / 2-10 pm
On the 22nd of April, Studium P gallery-flat will host an event titled VideoFest. The main theme of the collective project is the becoming of visual and informational abundance into the everyday, and the constant video-noise as a monotonous, acceptable,

Installation of withering flowers at the Kiosk in Nida

2017 04 13 / 6 pm
An installation titled “Everything” by a current VAA Nida Art Colony resident, the Austrian artist Wolfgang Bender, will be presented in the temporary project space on the main (Taikos) street, curated by Nida Art Colony, on the 13th of April

An exhibition devoted to the work of Jüri Okas at KUMU

2017 04 07 - 2017 08 27
This is the largest full-scale Okas retrospective so far; it celebrates his extraordinary work produced during the 26 years of an intensive artistic career. Jüri Okas is known amongst the general public as one of the most famous Estonian architects.

‘Adaptations’ by Justė Venclovaitė at (AV17) gallery

2017 04 11 - 2017 05 07 / 6 pm
On 11th of April 6 pm at the (AV17) gallery a second personal exhibition “Adaptations” of young artist Justė Venclovaitė will be opened. Justė Venclovaitė creates visual tasks and riddles with her works, which direct the viewer to examined issues

Opening of the New RIXC Art Gallery

2017 05 03 / 5-8 pm
On May 3rd, 2017 ,RIXC invites you to opening of our new art gallery at Lencu iela 2. Gallery program will be launched by artists group F5 (Famous Five), exhibiting an CCC [club clip collection] of early period (1997- 2001).

‘Dissolution – Raivo Puusemp in dialogue with’ at Art Hall Gallery, Tallinn

2017 04 13 - 2017 05 14 / 5 pm
The show Dissolution – Raivo Puusemp in dialogue with, curated by Krist Gruijthuijsen will be open at the Art Hall Gallery from 15 April. The final chord in the practice of foreign-Estonian artist Raivo Puusemp – dissolving Rosendale village into

Solo exhibition by Mirak Jamal at 427 Gallery

2017 03 30 - 2017 05 03
– cornered – Mirak Jamal 30.03.2017. – 3.05.2017. “A large acute triangle divided into unequal segments, the narrowest one pointing upwards, is a schematically correct representation of spiritual life. The lower the segment the larger, wider, higher, and more embracing

Visual art project MAGMA at National Gallery of Art, Vilnius

2017 04 14 - 2017 06 04
Body and Words in Italian and Lithuanian Women’s Art from 1965 to the Present The visual art project “M/A\G/M\A” is a collaboration between the Istituto Nazionale per la Grafica in Rome and the National Gallery of Art in Vilnius. Curated

‘Personal. Lithuanian Women’s Art 1918-1940’ at National Gallery of Art, Vilnius

2017 04 14 - 2017 06 04 / 6 pm
The exhibition ‘Personal. Lithuanian Women’s Art 1918-1940’ commemorates the 80th anniversary of Lithuania’s first female group exhibition. This is the first comprehensive presentation of interwar Lithuania’s art by women, and an attempt to de-marginalise some personalities from the 1920s and