Exhibition ‘Potato vs Rice’ by Lilli Tölp and Mai Sööt break at Tartu Art House

2017 07 01 - 2017 07 23
Artists Lilli Tölp and Mai Sööt travelled for many years in India and Asia. They lived and ate with locals and when there was not enough room, they shared the floor of a train with fellow travellers. The immense hospitality

An international graphic design exhibition ‘Signals from the Periphery’ at Tallinn Art Hal

2017 06 30 - 2017 08 13
Tallinn Art Hall opens Estonia’s most extensive graphic design exhibition of the past decade Signals from the Periphery, an international graphic design exhibition curated by Elisabeth Klement and Laura Pappa will be open from 1 July at Tallinn Art Hall,

The exhibition ‘WHEN THE SEA LOOKS BACK (A Serpent’s Tale)’ at VAA Nida Art Colony

2017 07 16 - 2017 08 27
The exhibition WHEN THE SEA LOOKS BACK (A Serpent’s Tale) will opened on 16th of July at Nida Art Colony of Vilnius Academy of Arts (E.A. Jonušo str. 3, Nida, Neringa) and it works as a series of evocations and a radio magazine

‘Image Zone’ by Arturas Valiauga at Klaipėda Photography Gallery, KCCC Exhibition Hall

2017 06 23 - 2017 07 23
An exhibition “Image Zone” of Arturas Valiauga will be opened at Klaipėda Photography Gallery at the KCCC Exhibition Hall on the 23rd of June (Friday) at 6 PM. The residents and guests of the port city will have an opportunity

Exhibition ‘States of conflict’ by Artūras Morozovas at Kaunas Photography Gallery

2017 06 28 - 2017 07 23
The photographer is mostly known for his work in military war zones yet the States of conflict exhibition is quite different – rather than a journalistic angle typically taking over, this time a regular person is at the core of

‘Forming the landscape’ at National Gallery of Art

2017 06 30 - 2017 08 20
In the exhibition ‘Forming the Landscape’, projections are presented of the cityscape of Vilnius from olden times to the end of the Soviet era. The exhibition contains more than 300 pieces (sketches, plans, maps, graphic art, paintings and photographs) presenting

Exhibition ‘Place where everything is better’ at Kaņepes Culture Centre

2017 06 30 - 2017 07 16
Exhibition „Place where everything is better” researches the popular opinion in Latvia – life in Estonia is better than in Latvia – through the language of conceptual and visual art. Almost all studies about local situation in economy, politics and

Solo show ‘Stick It In Your Wall’ in Tallinn by visual artist Mihkel Ilus

2017 07 05 - 2017 07 31
The solo show Stick It In Your Wall by Estonian visual artist Mihkel Ilus opened at Hobusepea Gallery in Tallinn on July 5 2017. The exhibition concludes his experiments of the last four years and opens a new chapter –

‘The Grand Opening’ by Albert Allgaier and José Oliveira at Sodų 4

2017 07 12 - 2017 07 14 / 6 pm
“Sodų 4” is happy to host The Grand Opening by artists Albert Allgaier and José Oliveira. Their residency at project space “Sodų 4” in Vilnius will be followed by this presentation of their newly created collaborative project. Artists’ careful selection

MEMORIES ABOUT PRESENT TIME. JOURNEY TO MYSELF by Simona Lukoševičiūtė at Meno parkas gallery

2017 07 07 - 2017 07 28
Tomorrow will never come: I am always now. I belong to the time. Time unsettles, slips, constantly forces to come back to him, anticipating the untold remainders of present. I am moving towards myself, perceiving oneself as a former, bygone,