Exhibition ‘Place where everything is better’ at Valga museum, Estonia

2017 05 09 - 2017 06 03
Exhibition „Place where everything is better” researches the popular opinion in Latvia – life in Estonia is better than in Latvia – through the language of conceptual and visual art. Almost all studies about local situation in economy, politics and

Exposition of Artistic Research at VAA exhibition space ‘Titanikas’

This is not an art or design show. This is an exhibition of artistic research, or in other words, an exposition of projects by art doctoral (practice-based) students that addresses a problem how to present a research or stages of

‘Le Printemps’ by SetP Stanikas at Vartai gallery

2017 05 02 - 2017 06 09 / 6 pm
The artist couple Svajonė and Paulius Stanikas have their own particular list of roles they play, a certain artistic repertoire that they use masterfully, balancing between reincarnations of the classics and the invasion of the contemporary, tragedy and the grotesque,

Art and Science. Monica Bello, Julijonas Urbonas and Rytis Paulauskas in Conversation

2017 04 27 / 6:30 pm
Rupert is pleased to invite you to attend the third event of a new talk series focusing on contemporary art and collecting. This month our programme guests are curator Monica Bello (Head of Arts at CERN), artist Julijonas Urbonas and

Exhibition ‘Between East and West there is a place’ by Marija Nemčenko at Kabinetas

2017 04 26 - 2017 05 05 / 6 pm
Palm trees, minaret towers and a setting sun fills the horizon. Fragments of the racketing market tell a story about a typical everyday life in the Middle East, where mysterious, veil-covered figures move in the shadows, and street merchants enjoy

Riga Photomonth 2017 opening: Facts and Clarifications

2017 05 08
Join us at the Riga Photomonth 2017 launch at the National Library of Latvia! The festival will kick off with the exhibition “Facts and Clarifications” which features works by Peter Puklus (Hungary), Lucia Nimcova (Slovakia), Pavel Maria Smejkal (Slovakia) and

‘Coping Copy’ by Jennyfer Haddad, Deirdre Sargent and Jeffrey Scudder at Konstanet

2017 04 17
Konstanet is pleased to invite you to the online opening of our first ever group exhibition, Coping Copy by Jennyfer Haddad, Deirdre Sargent, Jeffrey Scudder, launching on 17 April. — Our reality of existence straddles two plains; an online realm

A realm where cause-and-effect no longer applies: presentations by Rupert April residents

2017 04 25
Rupert kindly invites you all to our April residents Borbála Soós (HU/UK), Marco Strappato (IT/UK) and Elvia Wilk (USA/DE) presentations of their month long research residency in Rupert followed by thematic food, drinks, and music selection starting 6:30 pm, Tuesday,

Bright Memories by Karolis Vaivada at KCCC Exhibition Hall

2017 04 21 - 2017 05 14 / 5 pm
A personal light art exhibition “Bright Memories” of Karolis Vaivada will be opened at the KCCC Exhibition Hall (Didžioji Vandens str. 2, Klaipėda) on Friday, 21st of April 2017, at 5 PM. Karolis Vaivada is an artist of the younger

Exhibition ‘Algirdas Šeškus. TV’ at Contemporary Art Centre

2017 04 20 - 2017 05 28 / 6 pm
The exhibition TV is organised on occasion of the 60th anniversary of Lithuanian television: on April 30, 1957 the first program was broadcast from the new Vilnius television studio. The exhibition features few dozens of photographic prints made by Algirdas