International group show ‘Museum Choreography’ brings dance artists’ works into the Tartu Art Museum

2017 09 29 - 2018 01 07
From 29 September the international group show ‘Museum Choreography’ is open at the Tartu Art Museum which places the audience members at the centre of the exhibition. Among the participants are internationally renowned dance artists as well as acclaimed authors

‘Paint It Black II’ by Art Allmägi at Tartu Art Museum

2017 09 29 - 2018 09 14
On September 29, Tartu Art Museum will open Art Allmägi’s personal exhibition Paint It Black II. The narrative installation, which winds through the museum’s ground floor, was inspired by Russian politics and uses Allmägi’s signature flamboyant aesthetics. Paint It Black II is a

‘siNbiozė: lab + studio’ invites to lectures, discussion, laboratory and workshops

2017 09 29 - 2017 09 30
“siNbiozes to  + studio“ will invite participants from international DIYbio network to Vilnius and will present an open programme of lectures, discussion, laboratory and workshops, taking place across two locations – project space “Sodų 4” and Vilnius University Life Sciences

Exhibition ‘Fold by Fold the Widowed Stone Unrobes Itself’ at Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia

2017 09 23 - 2017 10 29
  Can an exhibition be something other than a conglomeration of works? Can it create a temporary zone in which the rules we use to conceive of reality – gravity, chronos, causality, you name it – don’t apply in the

Group show ‘Platform’ at EKKM

2017 09 22 - 2017 10 29
For the fall semester of Neanderthal Cave School, artists Viktor Gurov, Hedi Jaansoo, Kristel Raesaar and Pire Sova will take up residencies at Contemporary Art of Museum Estonia (EKKM). The residency-exhibition will reveal the artists’ practices as dynamic processes, in

‘XOXO from Young Blood. Dalia Juodakytė’ at GRAFO gallery

In the project XOXO from Young Blood which represents young artists from Lithuania and abroad, GRAFO gallery currently presents graphic artist Dalia Juodakytė. You can visit exhibition at DUBLIS restaurant (Traku st. 14, Vilnius) until 11th of October. In exhibition “S. S.

‘Aberratsioon’ by Kristi Kongi at Vaal galerii

2017 09 15 - 2017 10 14
You are cordially invited to the opening of Kristi Kongi’s solo exhibition “Aberration. Exercises with light and shadow” on Friday, 15th of September at 6 PM. The exhibition will remain open till 14th of October. In her work, Kristi Kongi

ARMY OF LOVE at Rundum artist-run space

2017 09 17 / 12 -6:30 pm
ARMY OF LOVE in Rundum artist-run space screening, discussion and workshop 17.09 12:00 – 15:00, ARS building, Pärnu mnt 154, room nr 111 16:30 workshop at Audentes swimming pool, Tondi 84 On Sunday, the 17th of September Rundum artist-run space

‘Similar Light Similar to the Light 2 by Jacob Jessen and Kirke Kangro at ARS project space

2017 09 16 - 2017 10 15 / 6 pm
Light Similar to the Light 2 by Jacob Jessen and Kirke Kangro will open at ARS Project Space on September 16 at 6pm. Light Similar to the Light 2 is a follow-up to an exhibition with the same title by

Holger Loodus’ exhibition ‘Journey to the End of the World’ at the Art Hall Gallery

2017 09 08 - 2017 10 08
Holger Loodus’s exhibition Journey to the End of the World at the Art Hall Gallery revolves around three events that initially seem unrelated: the trip of Matthew Henson, a black explorer, to the North Pole with Robert Peary in 1909;